Camaro Tribute Video Is Awesome

camaro tribute at Camaro Tribute Video Is Awesome

Die-hard fans of Chevy Camaro from Camaro5 forums decided to pay homage to their favoritest car in the world and celebrate its heritage. So they set up a meeting with 10 Camaros and create this amazing video, which is way cooler than any commercial film GM could make for the car.

Besides the cars and the location, filming techniques and equipments are also top-notch. This is superb work for a fan project. To be honest I don’t really like the Camaro in the real world, but after watching this there is no other car club I wanna be a member of more than the Camaro club! I don’t think AMG fans could be bothered to do such a thing. They are mostly fat, boring businessmen…

x7productions via LSXTV

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