Hands-Free Liftgate for 2013 Ford Escape

Ford escape hands free tailgate at Hands Free Liftgate for 2013 Ford Escape

Ford has come up with a new feature for the all-new Escape crossover that appeals to families, moms mostly.

They’ve addressed the issue of opening the large liftgate while holding your kid, or just some groceries, and have your both hands occupied. To go round this problem they’ve fitted a motion sensor to the underside of the rear bumper. So all you have to do is a sort of kicking motion!

You move your leg in front of the sensor, and it activates the power liftgate. Best part is it can also close the gate so you don’t have to touch it ever. This is a brilliant idea and can make life easier for the users. It can be a big selling point for the new Escape when it goes on sale next year.

This video gives you a demo of the system:

“The hands-free power liftgate is yet another innovative Ford technology that makes customers’ lives easier,” said Jason Sprawka, Escape brand manager. “New Escape owners will be able to load their vehicle without ever having to set packages or gear down.”

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