More Porsche 918 Prototype Footage From Nardo

918 spyder prototype 4 at More Porsche 918 Prototype Footage From Nardo

Now that Porsche has lifted the embargo on the 918 prototype testing session which took place back in February at Nardo test track in Italy, and in presence of world’s top auto journalists, each day new materials on the car keep coming in. We brought you the first pictures, and Harry Metcalfe’s account. Now check out a video made by German magazine Sport Auto, showing more details about the 918’s rolling chassis.

Never before a car was shown to the world in this early stages of development, especially one as important as the 918. This hybrid hyper car will turn the whole world of sports cars upside down.

The 918 features two electric motors on the front axle, a V8 petrol engine in the middle and then another electric motor and the transmission at the back. Technically it’s more complicated than the Space Shuttle. But it works. Porsche claims 770 hp and 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds for the 918, plus fuel economy on the par with that of family hatchbacks.

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