The Untold Story: Stig’s Book Teaser Video

Monday, October 22, 2012 18:53 by

stig book 1 at The Untold Story: Stigs Book Teaser Video

Top Gear released a teaser video for The Stig’s new book ‘The Untold Story’. No, the new Stig hasn’t gone rogue like Ben Collins. This time it’s BBC themselves publishing the book, and they promise to take you behind the visor of the man and tell you his secrets… which means you can be sure you won’t be getting anything of the sort. 

It will probably be like the Big Book of Top Gear, full of fun stuff, and a couple of facts and figures to balance things out. The teaser video is quite a giggle, so it should be good.

stig book 2 at The Untold Story: Stigs Book Teaser Video

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