Off-Roading with Motorward to Sian Ka’an – Mexico

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Recently we’ve got the chance to revisit one of the most beautiful places in the world – Sian Ka’an (México). Since we have this passion for cars and adventure we’ve organized a beautiful off-roading trip to Punta Allen, right through the Sian Ka’an’s Biosphere Reserve, a 200 miles experience with all the Top Gear like ups and downs; we’ve been stopped by the army, the police, had to travel through an insanely hard “road”, but managed to get back safe.

For the trip we got ourselves a few Wranglers and Patriots (there were women and kids with us, so we needed A/C and some “confort” for them, hence the Patriots). Both cars were excellent, inside the Patriot you won’t even notice you’re off-roading, but in the Wrangler you’ll have the experience of a lifetime; from dusty hair to sandy faces you’ll get all the condiments an off-roading experience is made of.

Here are a few images of our trip/adventure, we know it’s impossible for you to feel the fun as we did, but we thought like sharing them. Enjoy!

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