Porsche Festival Moscow 2012 Highlights – Video

Monday, November 19, 2012 15:55 by

Porsche Festival Moscow at Porsche Festival Moscow 2012 Highlights   Video

Porsche has a long and glorious racing heritage, and you can clearly feel that if you attend on of their driving schools or festivals. When AMG hosts such events it’s all about having fun; powersliding and making noise. Porsche, however, has a different approach. They are all about precision driving and lap times.

This video highlighting some of the best moments of Porsche Moscow Festival 2012 will reveal more about what Porsche driving courses are about. They can turns even the clumsiest Porsche owner into a sharp track driver.

Such festival is also a great opportunity to see a large numbers of exquisite Porsche models in one place, including some rare cars like the Carrera GT or the RSR race car.

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