Galpin Auto Sports To Build A Supercar

Galpin Auto Sports supercar 1 at Galpin Auto Sports To Build A Supercar

If you watch a lot of TV, you are probably familiar with Galpin Auto Sports, or GAS, from the show Pimp My Ride. This dealership/tuning shop is now taking things to the next level, utilizing their capabilities to create their very own super car based on Ford GT.

What they are proposing sounds like an extreme makeover for the Ford GT. It will retain the GT’s chassis, engine, and suspension, but all of those parts will be upgraded, with the engine set to deliver over 1000 horsepower.

GAS then dresses the car in a bespoke body and presumably a new interior based on customer’s specs, and boom, there’s your GAS supercar. If you have a Ford GT and you are kind of bored with it, you should be able t take it to GAS and ask them to turn it into this.

Performance numbers and pricing for GAS super car are yet to be revealed.

Galpin Auto Sports supercar 2 at Galpin Auto Sports To Build A Supercar

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