Sir Alex Ferguson Gets A Free Chevy Volt, Loves It

Sir Alex Ferguson Chevy Volt at Sir Alex Ferguson Gets A Free Chevy Volt, Loves It

Car makers sponsorship of Football clubs have always been great for the players and coaches, because not only the deal brings them lots of money, every once in while they also get a free car. Check out Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson here, smiling while gently stroking his new Chevrolet Volt.

The ca was delivered to Sir Alex as part of the club’s partnership agreement with Chevrolet. They will also give free cars to a number of other players and staff; for instance they recently gave a seven-seater Chevrolet Captiva to Sir Bobby Charlton.

Sir Ferguson driving around in a Volt will be great publicity for Chevrolet, at least in Manchester. It will also help Ferguson put on a green face with his electric car. The Volt can cover 50 miles on a single charge, before its range-extender engine kicks in and provide another 300 miles. In pure electric mode the car is virtually silent.

Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: “I think the Volt is absolutely phenomenal. A friend of mine drove one in the States and kept going on and on about it, so when I had the opportunity I said ‘yeah I’m going to try it because it’s the car of the future, really’. I’m very pleased with it.”

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