Burnout Battle: SRT Viper vs Corvette ZR1

Viper vs ZR1 545x291 at Burnout Battle: SRT Viper vs Corvette ZR1

You may remember a few days ago the guys from Edmunds got hold of a brand-new SRT Viper and put it to all kinds of tests, including a dyno run to see how effectively it uses its 640 horsepower. While they had it, they also staged a competition against another American supercar, the Corvette ZR1.

It is a different, rather fun, competition, though. They wanted to see which one does a better burnout. That’s how you test s muscle car; forget about track times, the winner is the one better at doing silly stuff!

The Viper set its rear tires alight with 640 horsepower coming a from a V10 so massive you can use it to power a cargo ship. Even though it’s older, the ZR1 is the more sophisticated car in this battle, boasting a supercharged V8 engine, but it has the same amount of power as the Viper.

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