Project Goliath: Switzer Teases 1500hp Nissan GT-R

Switzer Goliath GT R 545x363 at Project Goliath: Switzer Teases 1500hp Nissan GT R

Switzer Performance, the creator of some of the sickest tuning packages for the Nissan GT-R, announced the launch of project ‘Goliath’ the outcome of which is a 1500 horsepower…well… Goliath! This is going to be the ultimate GT-R; the undisputed champion of all blue-collar performance cars.

Switzer has done many amazing GT-Rs with unbelievable performance numbers. They call their 800 horsepower monsters ‘conservative’ which is frankly astonishing. As interesting as the technology they use to crank up the horsepower of Nissan’s 3.8 liter V6 is, the highlight of Switzer engines is their reliability. Unlike most other ultra-high power tuner engines, Switzer’s powertrains are built to last. They are bulletproof.

The GT-R Goliath must be a hell of a thing then. More information will be released over the next few days.

“This is still a drivable streetcar, albeit at the limits of what most people would tolerate in real-world traffic. It’s an exercise in how far you can take a streetcar, which is what this customer wanted, even after I explained the risks and the process. The only ‘race stuff’ in the car is the fuel. In this case, it’s Q16. I’d have preferred something a little more ‘green’, like E85, but that would have been too hard for the car’s owner to source locally. So, only the fuel is ‘race’, really, but that doesn’t mean Goliath is for everyone. It’s not the no-excuses, Veyron-baiting, liter-bike chasing super car. That’s the Ultimate. Goliath … Goliath is just a monster. It’s the limit of how far we can push our GTR package hardware, so it shows the value in those packages as ‘building blocks’ to something bigger.”

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