Motorsport Fitness at Porsche Human Performance

Friday, February 15, 2013 10:24 by

Porsche Human Performance 545x300 at Motorsport Fitness at Porsche Human Performance

Every professional racing driver spends an awful lot of his time in the gym trying to get as fit as possible. The problem with regular gyms, though, is that no matter how good your personal trainer is, chances are he or she has no clue about the demands of professional motorsport.

That is why Porsche came up with the Human Performance center, where you will have access to bespoke racing fitness programs and equipment, and can work with trainers with actual racing experience.

At Porsche Human Performance they cater for specific needs of all types of motorsport, and that’s why people like F1 driver Mark Webber and MotoGP rider Bradley Smith are among the club’s regulars.

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