Up Close with Jaguar F-Type V6 and V8 S – Video

Jaguar F Type V6 V8 545x299 at Up Close with Jaguar F Type V6 and V8 S   Video

Jaguar is still working on the F-Type’s chassis. There are a few things they need to address before they can let the journalist drive the car. But they are not completely ignoring them either. A number of development prototypes have been dispatched to the winding B-roads of Wales with Jag’s top engineers, and every now and again they invite top members of the press to tag along and experience the F-Type from the passenger seat.

Here’s Evo’s Harry Metcalfe’s account of the F-Type experience. He rides in both V6S and V8S models, and finds them very similar apart from the exhaust noise, which is more visceral and angry in the V8, but more classic in the V6.

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