Wald International Previews Audi A7 Kit

Wald International Audi A7 1 600x400 at Wald International Previews Audi A7 Kit

The prestigious Japanese tuner Wald International is working on Audi A7 these days, trying to enhance the appeal and swagger of the good-looking German saloon by giving it one of their classic Black Bison kits. Wald’s kits always stand out due to the unique design and the dark theme.

For the A7 Sportback, Wald proposes a revised front bumper with nicely-shaped intakes and chrome detailing, complete with a blacked-out grille – Audi emblem included. Then there is a pair of side skirts that play a major part in giving the car a bolder, more muscular presence, and then around at the back, we have a new diffuser and two pairs of new tailpipes. The diffusers could be a bit nicer, mind you, but it’ll do.

A set of large after market wheels, preferably in black, and you are good to go. Wald is still reluctant to do interiors or put together a power upgrade. they focus solely on the styling, which is probably why they are one of the best in their field.

Wald International Audi A7 2 600x400 at Wald International Previews Audi A7 Kit

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