Infiniti Q50 Sound System Gets Staging Technology

Infiniti Q50 Sound System 1 600x397 at Infiniti Q50 Sound System Gets Staging Technology

There are many things to like about the new Infiniti Q50 sedan, but we never thought the sound system would be one of them. In collaboration with Bose, Infiniti Q50 sound system is fitted with an advanced staging technology that results in a life-like sound quality.

That means you can always have your own personal concert with you – depending on the tunes you listen to, of course. As you’d expect, the system is chock full of high-end speakers and amps and stuff, but it’s not just that. Bose engineers spent a lot of time tailoring the sound based on the Q50’s cabin.

Infiniti Q50 sound system includes three ten-inch woofers to enhance sound pressure and create deep frequencies. The remaining 11 speakers are aligned to optimize the cabin’s acoustics. The overall effect is then tailored and fine-tuned with a targeted approach to every sound stage to achieve that magical concert-like quality.

“When you actually crank up the audio system with the powerful 10-inch speakers in the front doors as well as one in the rear, I believe the consumers will not only hear the impact, but they will feel that impact in their chest, in their bodies, just like they would at a live concert,” said Hiroshi Miyazaki with Bose.

Infiniti Q50 Sound System 2 600x337 at Infiniti Q50 Sound System Gets Staging Technology

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