Wald Goes Wild With Porsche Cayenne Black Bison

Porsche Cayenne Black Bison 600x400 at Wald Goes Wild With Porsche Cayenne Black Bison

Mysterious Japanese tuner Wald International released a preview of a Black Bison kit they have designed specifically for the Porsche Cayenne. This time they decided to take a more extreme approach than usual. Not that their previous works have been suddle or understated.

Fans of Wald Black Bison kits can easily spot the signature touches of the tuner looking at the face of this Cayenne. There is that front bumper with the vertical LEDs and the uniquely-shaped air intakes, accompanied by an air splitter in the middle and some mesh grille inserts.

What sets the Cayenne’s treatment apart is that new vented hood. It looks decidedly Japanese – or maybe a bit Chinese, as it makes the Cayenne look like a dragon or something – but not really very pretty.

The kit appears to be a wide body job, with the flared arches adorned with carbon vents on each side. The rest of it should, by imagine, consist of a pair of manly side skirts, a rear diffuser, new tailpipes, and a sizable roof spoiler.

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