Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept: Geneva Preview

Rinspeed XchangE 1 600x421 at Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept: Geneva Preview

Rinspeed, the Swiss automaker with a penchant for innovative and often crazy stuff, revealed the first details about their latest concept car, being prepared for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Each year they come up with a new idea that makes a bit of noise and then fades away into the oblivion. None of their crazy ideas have been commercially viable so far.

This is what Rinspeed has come up with this year, a fully electric touring sedan by the name of “XchangE.” This car is designed to provide the occupants with a comfy and relaxing environment to work or jut chill, while the car does the job of driving.

Rinspeed XchangE 2 600x409 at Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept: Geneva Preview

So the Rinspeed XchangE features seats reminiscent of the relaxing business-class seats of major airlines, and an innovative infotainment system with amazing entertainment and connectivity systems. According to Rinspeed: “You can read, listen to music, surf the web, play games, watch movies in brilliant picture and sound quality or hold a meeting at 120 km/h and work on your files.” Other aircraft-inspired feature is steer-by-wire, which is how they managed to put the steering in the middle of the dashboard.

Rinspeed believes their XchangE is better than flying first-class. More details about the concept car will be revealed closer to the Geneva Show.


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