Wald Lexus LC 500 Styling Kit Preview

wald lexus lc 600x325 at Wald Lexus LC 500 Styling Kit Preview

Behold the magnificence of the soon-to-be-released Wald Lexus LC 500. If you have ordered any other styling kit for your upcoming LC just cancel the order and wait for this, because Wald’s offering is, well, I mean, just look at it. It’s awesome!

Japanese tuner Wald International has a unique touch and their kits, even if they share some of their design cues with other products, always have an x-factory, a little extra something that make them different and instantly recognizable as a Wald kit. With the Wald Lexus LC 500 the designers seem to have gone the extra mile to make sure the car is different to the standard car as a whole different model, and they seem to have pulled it off. Of course, we need to see the finished product before making a judgment, but it looks half as good as this teaser we’d say that’s a job well done.

Wald Lexus LC 500 styling package includes, based on the teaser, a front spoiler lip, new mesh grilles, extremely cool aero pieces on the front bumper, Porsche  RS-style fender vents, dynamic side skirts, and one would assume, an enormous rear diffuser and boot lid wing. Wald also suuplies fancy wheels and exhaust systems, but no power upgrade at this time.

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