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9 Things to Look For When Choosing A Driving School


Choosing a driving school can seem complicated as you want a school that will offer you the best value for your money and time. While most driving schools will do the job well, each school might target specific audiences and support their specific set of services which might not work for you individually. You want […]

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Top tips from racing professionals


Motor racing is a sport loved by millions of petrol-heads across the world, but what are the top tips for aspiring drivers to hone their skills behind the wheel? There is no better place to turn for expertise than the men who do it for a living; professional racing drivers old and young.

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How to Boost the Power of Your Vehicle with a Tuning Chip


The performance of your vehicle depends on the torque, engine power, throttle control, tire pressure, spark timing and many other factors. A large majority of people depend on routine vehicle maintenance to maximise its performance however, there’s more to it.

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When to Call Your Lawyer After a Collision


You might have looked away from the road for a second — or you might have been diligently watching for signs of danger. You might have been falling asleep at the wheel — or you might have been alert and ready to react. Any time you are in a vehicle, you are at risk of […]

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Things to Check on Your Car Before Making a Long Trip


Even if you have had years of experience driving on the road, long trips can be daunting. Whether it’s because you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings or because you’re putting trust into your car, hoping that it can cope with hundreds of miles, there are a few things that you can check before making a long […]

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How to Buy a Used Car (Process Essay)

Process Essay How to Buy a Used Car

There are many advantages of buying a used car, with cost savings being one of the most important reasons.  However, buying a used car can be more time consuming and challenging compared to getting a new car.

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How to prevent your car from being stolen?

It’s estimated, that a motor vehicle is being stolen in about every 45 seconds in the United States. It is also noteworthy, that a car theft over the past decade has not decreased as significantly as the rates for other crimes. While property crimes during the last 10 years went down by about 19%, car […]

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Driving Without Insurance – Possible Penalties


If you’re driving a car or any other vehicle, you’re legally required to have insurance so that if you’re involved in an accident you can compensate the other driver, or the pedestrian you injured, or pay for the property you damaged.

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New vs Used: Should you buy a second-hand car?


This is a fierce debate amongst car buyers across the country: should you opt for a brand new car, or buy one of the millions of used cars that are sold each year? There are many areas to consider when deciding this for yourself, so if you’ve been scratching your head recently trying to figure […]

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Exciting Changes in F1 Rules for the 2017 Season


There are always a few changes in rules and regulations at the start of a new Formula One season, but 2017 sees many more changes than usual. Many of the new rules have been introduced to try and decrease lap times and improve speeds around corners. Overtaking will also be more difficult. Some of the […]

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How to avoid a car theft in Houston?


It’s estimated, that a car can be stolen in about 30 seconds. More than a million automobiles are thieved every year. It’s also calculated, that each year, a car theft costs Americans $4.3 billion totally.

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What Do Anti-Lock Braking Systems Accomplish?


If you’re wondering what special contraption can help cars stop quickly, it’s not beefed-up brake pads – welcome to the world of ABS (anti-lock brake systems).  These are relatively touchy systems that are activated in ‘panic braking’ situations or when road conditions aren’t favorable.

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4 Tips for Accessory Necessities for Car Care


It’s common knowledge that routine washes and waxes will leave any car looking sharp, but what about those extra tricks that make a detailing that much better? There are many underrated aspects of caring for your car. Monthly mechanical maintenance, keeping an eye on fluids, and breaking out the tire shine are all at the […]

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10 Longest Point Scoring Streaks in Formula One


2013 British Grand Prix marked the fall of a 10 year old record previously held by Michael Schumacher, the driver who achieved most consecutive races finished in the points. The legendary German driver had 25 and the one who broke his record is not, as you were probably expecting, Sebastian Vettel, the other German that […]

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Four New Cars to Look Out for in 2017


The last year has been a good one for the motor industry, and if what we’ve seen of upcoming offerings is anything to go by 2017’s going to be another one, so we’ve put together a list of some of the cars petrol heads should be excited to see in the coming year.

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