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What Do Anti-Lock Braking Systems Accomplish?


If you’re wondering what special contraption can help cars stop quickly, it’s not beefed-up brake pads – welcome to the world of ABS (anti-lock brake systems).  These are relatively touchy systems that are activated in ‘panic braking’ situations or when road conditions aren’t favorable.

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4 Tips for Accessory Necessities for Car Care


It’s common knowledge that routine washes and waxes will leave any car looking sharp, but what about those extra tricks that make a detailing that much better? There are many underrated aspects of caring for your car. Monthly mechanical maintenance, keeping an eye on fluids, and breaking out the tire shine are all at the […]

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10 Longest Point Scoring Streaks in Formula One


2013 British Grand Prix marked the fall of a 10 year old record previously held by Michael Schumacher, the driver who achieved most consecutive races finished in the points. The legendary German driver had 25 and the one who broke his record is not, as you were probably expecting, Sebastian Vettel, the other German that […]

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Four New Cars to Look Out for in 2017


The last year has been a good one for the motor industry, and if what we’ve seen of upcoming offerings is anything to go by 2017’s going to be another one, so we’ve put together a list of some of the cars petrol heads should be excited to see in the coming year.

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UK Taxi Services: What are the Best and Worst Locations?


There’s many reasons why we choose to use taxi services; whether it’s to transport those with disabilities or those who can’t drive, to get us home from an evening out, or simply just to take us from A to B, there’s no getting away from the fact they can be very convenient.

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The History of a Legend: Porsche 911


The Porsche 911 is the German carmaker’s best known model and very few cars managed to draw as much attention as the legendary model from Porsche.

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Audi Quattro, a Legendary Name in the Car Industry


Audi’s Quattro is probably one of the car industry’s most famous four wheel drive system, but this name represents more than just an all-wheel drive system, because during its existence of more than 30 years, some great things were connected to this name. So let’s take a look back in history and see how this […]

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How to Get Better MPG

Whether you drive an exotic sports car, rugged pickup truck or humble subcompact, chances are you’d be happy to pay less for gas. While oil prices are relatively low at the moment, they’re sure to go up again. To keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, you might try driving less or staying […]

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Ten Car Features that will Soon Become Standard


We recently published an article about the 10 car features we probably won’t see any more on tomorrow’s cars. Features we’re so used to but we’ll soon see disappear because the automobile is constantly evolving and cars, as we know them, change all the time. So what about the future?

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The History of the Driver’s License

New York Sample License

The driver’s license or the driving license, that beautiful small piece of plastic or paper that gives us the right to drive any type of vehicle we want, whether it’s a motorcycle, an automobile or a truck and which we all dream when we’re kids. It’s the way we prove the police that we have […]

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10 Features We Won’t See on Tomorrow’s Cars


Like the entire world, the car industry is also evolving. New systems are being invented or adapted for car use all the time and, whether we like it or not, this means that many features we are so used to will soon be history. The carmakers are doing all they can to draw attention to […]

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Test Drive Is EVERYTHING When Buying a Used Car


I have never bought a brand-new model ever since I started buying cars from the tender age of eighteen. The main reason for that is because in spite of my best efforts I am still nowhere near rich enough not to care about money and depreciation and all that. I buy used because nine times […]

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Tips for buying a car


Buying a car can seem like entering a mine-field; plenty of people are offering their advice and anecdotes. The fact is that buying a car becomes a lot more simple if you follow these steps – remember that you are in control of the sale, whether you’re buying privately or from a dealer.

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Should You Consider Buying an Electric Vehicle?


The car industry has been growing since its conception and although pure engine power may have reached a plateau, because of physical limitations, there is a clear evolution in both efficiency and design. Because of how many models are out there, your options are virtually limitless – for traditional engines that is.

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The Hottest Cars Seen in Las Vegas


Many travel to Las Vegas for a multitude of different things to find fame or just simply see the sights like one of the world’s natural wonders – The Grand Canyon!

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