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Premier4509 new package for Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental gt by premier4509 1 175x175 at Premier4509 new package for Bentley Continental GT

Premier4509 is known as a Japanese tuner with exquisite taste and it shows when you see their kits for Bentley or Lamborghini. As the latest project they’ve released an updated package for the Bentley Continental GT, and you have to say it’s brilliant!

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First Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato on sale for $1.7 million

bentley continental zagato1 175x175 at First Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato on sale for $1.7 million

Last year at Geneva Motorshow Bentley unveiled an ultra exclusive¬† Continental in partnership with Italian coachbuilder Zagato. The car based on the GT Speed with 600bhp features a unique classic body which is literally mesmerizing. There will only 9 units of this masterpiece and apparently the first one is in the hands of an Italian […]

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Extreme Bentley Video Teaser

Bentley’ secret weapon currently known as extreme will be one of the most important cars of this year’s Geneva Motorshow. The Bio-fuel monster is based on Continental GT and is supposed to be the fastest Bentley ever. After revealing the project with a mysterious image, now in this video teaser we can have a better […]

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Bentley to launch Bio-fuel supercar based on Continental

bentley gt bio 175x175 at Bentley to launch Bio fuel supercar based on Continental

Bentley is teasing a new model, to be launched at Geneva Motorshow, which they say is the fastest car ever produced by the British firm. In fact it is the extreme Bentley. The GT Continental-based car, like supercar Koenigsegg CCXR runs on Ethanol which makes it even faster than the GT Speed which has 600hp […]

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Bentley Continental GTC Speed

bentley continental gtc speed 2 175x175 at Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Bentley finally revealed details about one of the most powerful convertibles in the world, the Continental GTC Speed. Following the coupe, now the drop top has received SPEED treatment to present one of the most desirable cars ever! Look at it, a pure Bentley. Classic British looks (although it was designed by a Belgian!), blistering […]

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Hamann Upgrades Bentley Continental GT Speed

hamann bentley continental gt and speed 002 0102 950x6731 175x175 at Hamann Upgrades Bentley Continental GT Speed

German tuner Hamann which has been extending its business in recent years going further than BMWs and doing some nice works on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, is now working on a customization program for Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. Official details are about to come out soon, but based on pictures, the package includes a […]

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Bentley to introduce Bioethanol engines

ben8 800x6001 175x175 at Bentley to introduce Bioethanol engines

In order to reduce Cabon Dioxide and keep the green party happy, Bentley is developing new bioethanol-powered versions of its ultra luxury models. The plan will cut Bentley’s CO2 level by 40% within three years. The Telegraph reports that Bentley will unveil its first bioethanol-powered model at the Geneva Motor Show next spring, and that […]

Video: Bentley GTC doing what it’s not supposed to!

UAE’s famous Sahara tour is very exciting and fun form of motoring, but with purpose built off roaders. Now though some guy thought he might wanna try it with his other car, a Bentley GTC! not so appropriate, but cool! This is sort of things you only see in UAE!

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2010 Bentley Arnage

bentleyarnage2010 175x175 at 2010 Bentley Arnage

Today a spyshot of upcoming Bentley Arnage hit the web and we wanted to bring it to you, but it was just a car in the horizon behind some fence!! it was utterly useless. So instead take a look at this rendering! well yea, it’s based on Flying Spur, but honestly it looks good. New […]

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VW Considering Diesel For Bentley

bentley20gt20mulliner20 200720 2004 800x600 175x175 at VW Considering Diesel For Bentley

Even in this world that everyone is Dieselizing their engines, the last thing you expect is Bentley getting one of those, and I’m not talking about V12 or V10 diesel, it’s gonna be a V6 twin turbo!

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