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Is the BMW 3 Series Still the King of Saloons?


Once upon a time the BMW 3 Series was only available as a saloon, and was really the only contender for the top spot among luxury compact cars. 1975 was a long time ago, though, and in the meantime the line has expanded, and so has the competition in the form of the Mercedes-Benz C […]

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Official: BMW M760Li xDrive

BMW M760Li xDrive-0

The V12 engine was supposed to be dead and gone for about six years now, but thanks to the magic of turbocharging, and a healthy disregard for the “green” opinions, the thing is still going strong. Meet the 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive, the range-topping version of the new 7er with a 612 horsepower 6.6-litre V12 engine!

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Finally, a Decent-Looking BMW X4!

BMW X4 M Sport Package 3D-0

It is not exactly a secret that BMW X4 is one of the company’s least savory cars in terms of design. It looks like a baby hippo stepped on by its own mother. And if we’re honest not many of the tuning treatments available for the car properly address the issue. Now though, we have […]

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Chestnut Bronze Alpina B7 Is Rarity Multiplied

Chestnut Bronze Alpina B7-0

What you are looking at here might appear a disturbingly brown 7 Series Bimmer to an uninterested eye, but an aficionado will be quick to realize this thing is quite possibly the rarest, coolest, most richly adorned car luxury saloon in the world. This is a fully-loaded Alpina B7 bi-turbo in Chestnut Bronze complete with […]

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2018 BMW 4 Series Facelift – Details & Gallery

2018 BMW 4 Series-0

BMW designers must have a pathological fear of aging, because they have a habit of face-lifting their cars before the facelift is really warranted. The latest model to go under the knife rather unnecessarily is the 2018 BMW 4 Series range which has received a nose job as well as some buttocks tightening, as well […]

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BMW M2 Gains 410 PS Through Software Mod

BMW M2 Mcchip-0

It is a known, though not often talked about, fact that M GmbH engines have an immense potential for upgrades. Some of them are actually underrated by the car maker. In the case of the BMW M2 the potential is so high that with a simple chip tuning you can gain an extra 40 horsepower.

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Up Close with a Special BMW M3 Competition Package

BMW M3 Competition Package Ferrari Red-0

It is common knowledge that M GmbH fans everywhere are complete suckers for the firm’s extraneous treatments and parts – stuff their cars don’t really need but they fancy them all the same. That is why offering such as BMW M3 Competition Package has become such a hit, and a good money making machine, for […]

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2017 BMW 5 Series – US Pricing

5 series 2017

The official pricing and specs has been announced for the 2017 BMW 5 Series in the American market, and it moves the 5er further up the ladder as an expensive luxury sedan. The cheapest 5 Series you can obtain will set you back $51,200 while the range-topping, taking into account the $995 destination charge, will […]

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2018 BMW 6 Series Gets Equipment Update

2018 BMW 6 Series-1

If you want a BMW you better wait a few months until the spring of 2017 because that’s when the German automaker will release their 2018 modelyear cars with upgraded equipment level. One of the stars of the lineup will be the 2018 BMW 6 Series which gets some features previously exclusive to the M6.

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Official: 2018 BMW M550i xDrive

BMW M550i xDrive-0

Taking a leaf out of Mercedes’ book, BMW want to offer their customers greater variety of the existing lineup by mixing stuff together and coming up with new models. The new BMW M550i xDrive is one such fusion Bimmer, blending a high-performance V8 engine for the first time with xDrive all-wheel-drive in a 5 Series.

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AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Says Hello from Abu Dhabi

AC Schnitzer BMW X6-BMWAD-0

At this rate pretty soon the city of Abu Dhabi will be declared as the world capital of tricked-out Bimmers. BMW Abu Dhabi just does not seem capable of stomaching stock model have to modify their models through the company’s own Individual program or aftermarket treatments. This AC Schnitzer BMW X6 belongs to the latter […]

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Prior Design BMW M5 Wide Body on Forgiato Wheels

Prior Design BMW M5 Forgiato-0

Red wheels seem to pretty hot at the moment, at least in America. This Prior Design BMW M5 is the second car we see this week equipped with red Forgiato wheels, although on this one red rims are only used on one side of the vehicle, which is a bit odd.

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Faux BMW M2 Convertible by Dähler

Faux BMW M2 Convertible-Dahler-0

Since BMW can’t be bothered to make a drop-top version of the M2, Swiss tuner Dähler Design & Technik GmbH took it upon themselves to fill the void in the market by releasing their own BMW M2 Convertible. It’s a not a real M2 Cab, mind you, but a 2 Series Convertible they have heavily […]

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Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS

Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS-0

One of the nicest and most thoroughly tuned M2s at this year’s Essen Motor Show was the Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS. Inspired by the M4 GTS, this little beast comes with an aero kit a bit too large for its body, but it pulls it off with a healthy can-do attitude.

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Alpina B6 or BMW M6 – Which is Better?

alpina b6-v-bmw m6

We love these classic, straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense comparison tests between two cars that are so similar on the surface, one would have a hard time telling them apart. The cars in question here are the Alpina B6 bi-turbo and the BMW M6. And the benefit of this test is that it’ll reveal to you which is the […]

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