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Bugatti Chiron: World’s 2nd fastest car in 2017


The market for beautifully created cars is hardly underrated, but for the last 12 years one car has made many heads turn like no other: Bugatti Veyron. Since it has been announced in 2005, the Bugatti Veyron, manufactured by Volkswagen, has amazed more than one.

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Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron by RDBLA


It takes a lot of courage to even think about modifying a car like Bugatti Veyron, not just because of what it costs but also because you could well end up ruining it. So we say kudos to the owner of this Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron for having the balls to try something so bold and […]

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Bugatti Chiron Already Half Sold-Out


Back in early 2000s when VW revived the Bugatti brand and started producing the Veyron they used to say they lost a huge pile of omney on each car sold because it was so costly to produce. But they kept at it and somehow they managed to turn this risky business into a profitable one. […]

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Bugatti Veyron v Rimac Concept One – The Ultimate Challenge


We have already seen the Croatian electric hyper car Rimac Concept One slay some of the world’s most celebrated super cars in head to head battles. Now, in a private challenge, Lord Pembroke of, well, Pembroke slapped the Croatian with his proverbial glove, inviting it to face in an all-out battle his own pride and […]

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Bugatti Chiron Designer Joins Hyundai

Alexander Selipanov (161007)

You know how in sports sometimes a top level player leaves the premiership to go and play for an up and coming but low-ranking team, for money or challenge or whatever? Well, the equivalent of that has happened in the auto world as the guy who penned the Bugatti Chiron hyper car is headed over […]

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Bugatti Chiron SuperSport Speculatively Rendered

Bugatti Chiron SuperSport Render

It is not yet clear whether Volkswagen will green light the production of more variants of the Bugatti Chiron. But if they do, we will first get the drop-top Grand Sport, and then this, the Bugatti Chiron SuperSport. This rendering shows what the range-topping Chiron might look like.

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First Bugatti Chiron Crash Is an Undignified One


November has not been a goof month for super cars as they kept crashing left and right. And in most cases the accidents were fairly ridiculous and they were captured on camera with the car in a comprising position. We saw a McLaren HS rear-ending a delivery truck, now check out a Bugatti Chiron being […]

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Bugatti Chiron Grueling Hot Weather Testing Documented on Film


As you may recall earlier this year a convoy of four Bugatti Chiron was spotted in the United States, causing quite a stir in the blogosphere. Now the company is revealing that those four were part of a 30-strong test cars dispatched around the globe for various kinds of test. The four sent to the […]

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Jon Olsson’s Next Toy? Bugatti Vision Ski Car

Bugatti Vision Ski Car

Independent designer Rain Prisk has already given us a McLaren 650S ski car. But the only guy in the world who would want such a thing, Jon Olsson, recently got himself an insane custom Lamborghini Huracan. So Prisk came up with this Bugatti Vision GT ski car as a sort of end game for Olsson, […]

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Bugatti Chiron Wins Prestigious Design Award

Bugatti Chiron Design Award-0

Even though it is just a toned down version of the Gran Turismo concept, or perhaps exactly because of it, the design of Bugatti Chiron has been chosen by the German Design Council as the winner in the “Exterior Premium Brand – Luxury” category. So, there you go, as if Bugatti needed an ego boost!

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Bugatti Chiron Spotted Dawdling Around London

Bugatti Chiron London

This blue Bugatti Chiron is one of the first customer units delivered in Europe, even though it belongs to an Arab and drives around on Saudi number plates. That is understandable. The owner obviously doesn’t want to take his super expensive hyper car to the desert now and expose it to hellish heat and humidity. […]

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Rendering: Bugatti Chiron Wide Body

Bugatti Chiron Wide Body

So far most of the Chiron renderings we’ve seen had to do with the open-top Grand Sport version that is sure to follow the hardtop in a few years. This time though, we take things up a notch and enter the realm of virtual tuning with this Bugatti Chiron Wide Body.

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Up Close with Blue Carbon Bugatti Chiron

Blue Carbon Bugatti Chiron

The new Bugatti Chiron has already been seen out in the wild, so that game is over. From now on the battle is going to be about which rich guy buys the sickest looking version, and so far the dude who ordered this Blue Carbon Bugatti Chiron seems to be ahead.

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Bugatti Chiron Hangs Out with LaFerrari in Paris


It doesn’t get much better than this, does it? A Bugatti Chiron and a Ferrari LaFerrari, back to back in front of a classy restaurant with sidewalk tables, on a high Parisian street. The only thing letting the side down a bit is the Saudi plates on these cars.

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Mansory Bugatti Chiron Speculatively Rendered

Mansory Bugatti Chiron

Mansory has a full plate these days, trying to come up with upgrade package for all of the new sports and super cars that are being released every month. So a Mansory Bugatti Chiron might not be on the cards for now, but it is still nice to know what it could look like in […]

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