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LaFerrari Aperta with Lady Driver Is Pure Class

laferrari aperta london

This triple-layer yellow LaFerrari Aperta is currently one of the coolest things in London’s supercar scene, so much so that even the presence of a DB5 Aston, as you will see in the video after the jump, does not manage to steal its thunder. So let’s see the magnificent beast as it cruises the high […]

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Is This the Most Unique McLaren P1 MSO Yet Seen?

p1-mso-spot (2)

Usually when you see a hyper car with a crazy two-tone paint work it is a wrap done by some tuner to give the car a temporary fresh look. But that is not the case with this McLaren P1 MSO. The owner of this car decided it would be a good idea to give McLaren […]

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Lamborghini Veneno Takes London by Storm

Lamborghini Veneno london-1

Central London is a hot spot with all sorts of super and hyper cars. So it takes something truly special to cause such a commotion there as was recorded in the video you are about to see. The cause of this peaceful unrest was the imposing presence of a Lamborghini Veneno, brought to London for […]

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Up Close with RWB Porsche 911 in London

RWB Porsche 911 London

When you look at the pictures of a RWB Porsche 911 you can’t help thinking if that thing is even drivable, what with those massive wheel arches and insane dished wheels, not to mention the unreasonably low ride height. But i is, and that’s the beauty of the Rauh Welt Begriff treatment… that it enables […]

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Java Green Porsche 991 Turbo S Looks Damn Special


Porsche may not be as active as some of their rivals in terms of offering cool and lively colors, but every once in a while they come up with a special paint job that blows all the competition out of the water. Take this Java Green Porsche 991 Turbo S, for example. None of the […]

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Jay Kay’s Green LaFerrari Filmed Driving in Electric Mode


What was it James May said in the first episode of the Grand Tour about the Ferrari LaFerrari having no electric-only driving mode? Well, he must have been wrong or misinformed, because, unless our ears are playing tricks on us, in this video here we see Jay Kay’s famous green LaFerrari drive around a parking […]

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Kahn Vengeance DB9 Sighted Driving Around Monaco

Kahn Vengeance-Monaco

Kahn Design has sort of stopped updating the press about their most unique creation, the Aston Martin DB9-based Kahn Vengeance, after the unveiled the thing at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. Since then we have only seen one of these things in Monte Carlo where it seems to have found a home. This […]

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Loaded DMC Aventador Molto Veloce Spotted in Monaco

Molto Veloce Monaco

As I’m sure you know, a DMC Aventador Molto Veloce is a pretty rare beast. But even rare than that is a Molto Veloce with all the goodies installed and the engine treatment to go with it. That is why this particular one we have here, sighted cruising the high streets of Monaco, is quite […]

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Aston Martin Vantage with Faux Gulf Livery!

Vantage Faux Gulf Livery-0

We have seen many different takes on the iconic Gulf livery, from a pop art interpretation of it to cool rusted depictions of the legendary colors. But we have never before seen a semi-Gulf livery, which is what’s featured on this Aston Martin Vantage sighted in Toronto.

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Gemballa Mirage GT Sighted in China

Gemballa Mirage GT China-0

Because of its rarity, personality, and sheer sexiness of its looks, it is always an occasion when a Gemballa Mirage GT is spotted out in the wild. The wild in question this time is the city of Hangzhou in China where a lucky rich dude has just taken delivery of this matte purple beauty.

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Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C Is Freezingly Cool!

Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C-0

While all frozen, or matte, paint finishes are cooler than their metallic or glossy counterparts, some like Gunmetal Grey are just in a whole new level of coolness that even looking at them will give you a chill. That’s how we felt upon laying eyes on this gorgeous Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C.

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Watch a Purple McLaren P1 Raise Hell in London

Purple McLaren P1

Usually with these car spotting videos we get to see from the outside as the driver of the super cars that are the subject of the piece go about making noise and act like hooligans. This time though, with this superb Purple McLaren P1 MSO, we get to go along for the ride as the […]

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Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Filmed in L.A.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Spyder LA

The unique and completely awesome Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Spyder by RDBLA remains one of the top five tuner cars we saw in 2016. That’s why we don’t miss any opportunity to see this beast in action, if it’s just catching up with it at a set of light in Los Angeles.

Electic Blue LaFerrari Looks Refreshing

Electic Blue Ferrari LaFerrari

Granted, this one’s a fairly old video from last year’s Monetery car week. But the sight of an Electic Blue LaFerrari is always nice and refreshing, like looking at a deep blue lake. You never get tire of it, and it is soothing not matter what mood you are in. So let’s hit the jump […]

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Crazy Color Brabus G63 Spotted in Monaco

Crazy Color Brabus G63

As you may recall a few days ago we showed you a Crazy Color Brabus G63 in Alien Green made by RACE South Africa. Now as luck would have it another green Brabus G63 has been spotted, this time in Monaco. Turns out this car is really popular in this particular color, which is curious […]

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