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Caterham Seven Harrods Launches Firm’s Personalization Program

Caterham Seven Harrods-0

The demand for personalized cars has reached the very edge of the market and even a car maker like Caterham, famous for presenting their products in kit form, has to have a bespoke program to keep up. They have responded by launching Caterham Signature personalization program, and came up with a special edition called Caterham […]

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Caterham 620R Immortalized in LEGO Form

LEGO Caterham 620R-0

In case you didn’t know, being recreated in LEGO form these days is as big deal to some brands – and some celebrities even – as having a wax figure at Madame Tussauds. That is why Caterham is quite excited that the LEGO people have made tiny plastic version of their Caterham 620R.

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Official: Caterham Seven Sprint

Caterham Seven Sprint-0

As if their other models are all on the cutting edge of design and technology, Caterham announced they have built a throw-back version of the Seven celebrating the 60s. The new Caterham Seven Sprint is built to mark the ‘60 Years of the Seven’ anniversary and is the closest modern Seven to the original Series 2 […]

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Caterham Seven 310 Announced

Caterham Seven 310-1

Not many people believe Caterham when they say they make a whole bunch of different models because they all look the same. But the truth is, the car maker’s range has something for every budget, every taste and every level of driving skills. The latest addition to the range is the Caterham Seven 310 which […]

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Official: Caterham Seven 620S

Caterham Seven 620S-0

For those who may find the race-inspired 620R a bit too juicy, Caterham has come up with a new, more tamed version of the Seven. Priced at £44,995, Caterham Seven 620S comes with creature comforts such as a full windscreen, hood and side screens, heater and leather seats.

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2015 Caterham Seven Gets Three New Models

2015 Caterham Seven-0

The legendary Caterham Seven is one of those cars whose makers have a really though time upgrading. The car has an established iconic look which is its party piece and therefore can’t be heavily altered, but somehow they have to make it more appealing and desirable to keep the sales afloat.

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Caterham Seven 480 and 360 Announced for US Market

Caterham Seven US-1

Caterham cars announced the launch two new models especially for the US market. The Caterham Seven 480 and 360 will make their official debut at Monterey Car Week and then immediately go on sale through Superformance dealerships, Caterham’s representative in the country.

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The Difference Between a Fast Car and a McLaren P1


Last month Top Gear Magazine had a Speed Week special for which they’d assembled a huge collection of the world’s fastest machines. One of the outcomes of this event is a series of awesome drag race clips pitting, in true Top Gear fashion, the new hyper cars against the most unlikely rivals.

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Last Caterham Superlight R500 Looks Sad!

Caterham Superlight R500-1

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Caterham Superlight R500 chassis number 174, and the reason it looks so sad is because it is the last of its breed. After this car rolled off the production line, the troubled British automaker ceased the production of the R500 for good.

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Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi Edition Revealed for Japan

Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi Edition-0

In honor of their F1 Team’s Japanese driver, Kamui Kobayashi, and also as a treat for their Japanese customers, Caterham revealed a new limited edition version of the Seven, designed by and named after Kobayashi. They will only make 10 units of this special model.

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Caterham Group Up for Sale


Reports from Malaysia suggest that Caterham Group’s chairman Tony Fernandes is going to sell the entire business. He has valued the British brand $589m (£350m), which includes all three divisions of automotive, motorsport, and engineering.

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Large Caterham Seven Gathering to Assemble at Throckmorton

Caterham Seven Gathering-1

Caterham Cars announce their plans to support the largest 2014 gathering of Caterham Seven during the Lotus Seven Club International meeting at Throckmorton Airfield. Hundreds of Sevens are expected to turn up at the event, including all branches of the company.  

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Kobayashi Gives Caterham Seven 620R a Good Thrashing

Kobayashi caterham 620R

To counterbalance the bad press Caterham Seven 620R received from Top Gear’s James May recently, the British sports car maker strapped one of their own, Caterham F1 Team‘s Kamui Kobayashi, in the car and let him loose on the track. Let’s just say he is a better judge of the 620’s capabilities than Mr. Slowly.

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57-mpg Caterham Seven 160 Enters Production


The production of the brand-new Caterham Seven 160, the firm’s first entry-level, eco-minded model, begins today in Britain. The 160 is an affordable Caterham designed for those who are not yet confident with their driving skills. And you do need an awful lot of driving skills to handle a full-fat Caterham.

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Superformance Brings Caterham to America


American tuner and custom car maker Superformance has been appointed by the British sports car maker Caterham as the official representative of the brand in the United States. In the first phase they will import 480 and 620R version of the Caterham Seven, with other models to follow later.

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