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Dacia Duster Detour Concept Unveiled

Dacia Duster Detour 1 175x175 at Dacia Duster Detour Concept Unveiled

To give us an idea what a totally bad-ass version of the Duster looks like, Romanian car maker Dacia unveiled the Detour concept. Designed by a South African team and unveiled in Johannesburg, the Dacia Duster Detour is what Mad Max would have driven… if there was a recession after the apocalypse.

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2014 Dacia Duster: Specs and Details

2014 Dacia Duster 1 175x175 at 2014 Dacia Duster: Specs and Details

Ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Dacia releases the official details and specs of its 2014 Duster model for the European market. The 2014 Dacia Duster boasts not only a refreshed design, but also more equipments, and more greater value for money.

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Euro-Spec 2014 Dacia Duster Debuts at IAA

2014 Dacia Duster 1 175x175 at Euro Spec 2014 Dacia Duster Debuts at IAA

Dacia announced an updated version of its Duster SUV, the cheapest new car in its segment, to be launched in Europe next year. Before that the car pops down at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month to show off its upgraded design and features.

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DC Design Makeover Pakcage for Dacia Duster Revealed

DC Design Duster 1 175x175 at DC Design Makeover Pakcage for Dacia Duster Revealed

To be honest with you every time we hear about an Indian tuning job, we get really scared. In our defense, they did come up with stuff like this Eleanor Clone or this fake Evoque. Now though, an Indian customizer named DC Design has made a makeover kit for the Dacia Duster, and we have […]

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Dacia Logan STCC Race Car Caught in Action – Video

Dacia Logan STCC 1 175x175 at Dacia Logan STCC Race Car Caught in Action   Video

A Race track is probably the last place you’d expect to see a Dacia Logan on, but thanks to the Company’s Swedish dealer the car is going to compete at this year’s STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship), and by the looks of things it is ready to see some action.

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Dacia Logan MCV Priced from £6,995 in the UK

Dacia Logan MCV 2 175x175 at Dacia Logan MCV Priced from £6,995 in the UK

Dacia hits the UK market with yet another “most affordable in class” car. It’s the new Dacia Logan MCV – that stands for Maximum Capacity Vehicle – offering a 573-litre boot for just £6,995. It’s the cheapest new estate car in Britain, and surprisingly, it’s not competently horrible.

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Dacia Duster Adventure Edition Revealed

Dacia Duster Adventure Edition 1 175x175 at Dacia Duster Adventure Edition Revealed

Romanian Eco car maker Dacia is trying to add a little excitement to its Duster SUV by introducing the new Adventure Edition at the Geneva Motor Show. Changes made to this edition are designed to make it look tougher and more off-road worthy, but you don’t really want to go rambling in a Duster.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Priced From £7,995 In UK


Dacia announced official pricing of the new Sandero Stepway in the British market, and it starts from just £7,995. The Stepway is a good looking car and at that price it is really tempting. but you may want to think twice about buying a Dacia in general, because they have to make compromises to make […]

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Dacia Lodgy Earns Only 3 Stars In NCAP Crash Tests


Have you ever wondered how Dacia manages to make such cheap cars? To understand that fully, you have to crash one of their cars, especially the new Lodgy van. In its latest series of crash tests EuroNCAP tested 15 cars and awarded all of them with five stars, except for Dacia Lodgy, which got 3 […]

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New Dacia Sandero Priced From £5,995 In UK


Thanks to the Romanian car maker Dacia, you can now go to a car showroom in Britain with 6 grand in your pocket, and drive off in a brand-new car. The new Dacia Sandero is officially priced from £5,995, which is what a Ford Fiesta cost… back in 1989! The most expensive version of the […]

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Promo Video


The new Dacia Sandero Stepway caused a bit of a stir at this year’s Paris Motor Show with its funky new looks, which are frankly brilliant for a car of this class. Sitting 40mm higher than normal Sandero models, the Stepway is an outdoorsy version of the family hatchback, which is not only more practical, […]

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2012 Paris: Dacia Sandero Stepway


Turns out Dacia had kept its best hand for last. We had already seen the new Logan and Sandero, but at the Paris Motor Show they unveiled the Sandero Stepway, a jacked-up version of the Sandero which is undoubtedly the prettiest car the Romanian car maker has ever produced. And it’s not pretty because it’s […]

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Dacia Unveils New Logan and Sandero


Dacia, the Romanian subsidiary of Renault, unveiled the new Logan sedan and Sandero hatchback ahead of their official debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Both cars get pretty much the same facelift, featuring the same head and taillights and the same front grille. That’s OK because the Sandero is, after all, the hatchback version […]

Dacia Duster Priced From £8,995 In The UK


Dacia announced official pricing of its Duster SUV for the British market, just to reveal it is almost ridiculously cheap. The entry-level 4×2 Access version is priced at £8,995, which is super-mini kind of money. No other car for that kind of money offers this kind of space. Sure, the Duster does not come with […]

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Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van Unveiled


Dacia expands it’s lineup with two new vans. They’re called the Dokker – a crew van – and Dokker Van – a proper small van. They revealed the cars at Casablanca motor show in Morocco, and if you’re wondering why, they’re both built in Tangier and will initially go on sale there as well. Talk […]

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