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Dodge Challenger Demon MSRP – Pricing Details Announced


Chrysler revealed today the official pricing for the simply awesome Dodge Challenger Demon, and yes, it is a helluva bargain. The 2018 Demon is priced at $84,995. Granted, it’s not exactly cheap, but nowhere else they give you the keys to 840 horsepower for $85K. 

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Official: 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge Challenger Demon-0

It felt like ages, but hours ago in New York the long awaited 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon finally broke cover and we are glad to report the wait has been well worth it because this thing is so dope… at least on paper. The specs beggars belief: 840 horsepower, 770 pounds-feet of torque, 0-30 mph: 1.0 second, 0-60 mph: […]

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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Set for Exclusive Reveal

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon-1

So Chrysler have finally given us a date for the debut of their highly anticipated Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and it is the New York Auto Show in April. But before that they are going give a sneak peek to a number of the brand’s “loyal” social media fans, which means if you have been sitting […]

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Official: Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger

Mopar 17 Dodge Challenger-0

While we are waiting with bated breath for the new Demon Challenger, Dodge hit us with a new limited edition celebrating the 80th anniversary of Mopar brand. The celebratory model is called the Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger and as you might have already guessed it is limited to just 80 units for the two available […]

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2018 Dodge Durango SRT Revealed with 475 hp

2018 Dodge Durango SRT-0

There seems to be an insatiable demand in the market for high powered SUVs and it is vast enough that even something like the Durango can have a share of it. This is the all-new 2018 Dodge Durango SRT and it is pitched by its makers as the most powerful three-row SUV. Given the performance […]

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Dodge Challenger Demon Teased and Possibly Leaked

Dodge Challenger Demon teaser-1

Keeping things secret these days is not an easy task thanks to the internet and nosy bloggers. But on the upside, it means we don’t have to go through with endless boring teasers car makers insist on shoving down our throats. So while Dodge is busy teasing the new Challenger Demon SRT hard-core super Hellcat, […]

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Dodge Challenger GT AWD Hits the Snow in New Ad

Dodge Challenger GT AWD ad-0

There are few things odder than seeing a massive muscle car tackling a snowy road because, well, it just looks so out of place. But Chrysler has made a muscle car for that very purpose, the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD, and to show off its capabilities they sent the thing to Alaska and told […]

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GeigerCars Dodge Charger Hellcat with KW Joints

GeigerCars Dodge Charger Hellcat-0

If the 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine under the bonnet of GeigerCars Dodge Charger Hellcat is its muscle, then the custom KW coilover suspension it has must be its joints. And together they create one helluva athlete that is not only quick the in the straight line, it can also shift around those corners with […]

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Chris Harris Reviews Dodge Viper ACR

Dodge Viper ACR Harris

It is known that despite his strong love of sophisticated European sports cars, Chris Harris also has a fondness for American muscle cars mainly because they are such horsepower bargains. Mustangs and Camaros and Corvettes, Harris has driven them all liked them, but what does he think of the wildest Yankee-mobile of them all, Dodge […]

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Virtual Tuning: Dodge Viper ACR Wide Body


Dodge Viper is a car that doesn’t really need any extra work to look awesome and stand out in a crowd. The car comes out of the factory with the look of an exotic sea monster. But these days everything is getting the wide body treatment, so why not the Viper? Even if it’s just […]

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GeigerCars Dodge Viper ACR with 765 PS

GeigerCars Dodge Viper ACR-0

It is kind of amazing that if you want the most extreme version of an iconic American muscle car today you have to go to Germany. We are talking about a unique version of the Dodge Viper ACR presented by GeigerCars, packing 765 horsepower and a full carbon aero kit.

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Spotlight: Hennessey Viper Venom 800

Hennessey Viper Venom 800-0

While Dodge is sending off the mighty Viper with a series of special editions, Texan tuner Hennessey Performance decided to pay tribute to this great American hero in their own way. So they sent out one of their Hennessey Viper Venom 800 Supercharged models out for one last photoshoot.

High As a Kite: Ram Mega Cab on Forgiato 26s

Ram Mega Cab Forgiato-0

One of the most notable highlights of the Mega Cab versions of the Ram 2500 trucks is the sheer size of the thing. Featuring this particular characteristic, the guys at Forgiato Wheels have no added some serious height to the truck’s massive bulk, thus creating one of the most formidable vehicles in America right now.

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Dodge Charger Police Car Gets 4th of July Wrap

Charger-4th of July-0

Davie Police Department of Florida decided they wanted to be extra patriotic on this year’s Independence Day and had one of their Dodge Charger cruisers wrapped in a special 4th of July-inspired design. The wrapper doing the honors is Miami’s own Metro Wrapz.

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Final Dodge Viper Limited Editions Sell Out In Minutes


Remember those unique 25th anniversary limited editions Vipers? Well, don’t bother, they’re all gone. A few days after these models were announced as the last production units of the Dodge Viper before the car is cosigned to history books again all of them are sold out, most of them merely minutes after the order books […]

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