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10 Features We Won’t See on Tomorrow’s Cars


Like the entire world, the car industry is also evolving. New systems are being invented or adapted for car use all the time and, whether we like it or not, this means that many features we are so used to will soon be history. The carmakers are doing all they can to draw attention to […]

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Clarkson, the Phenomenon…


With the premiere of the new Grand Tour motoring show just around the corner, everybody is speculating what it will be like and if it will live up to the high expectations people have developed after nearly fifteen years with Top Gear. But there is no need for all that. The answer is clear. The […]

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Internal Combustion Is So Yesterday


If you think about it, it is amazing that we still use fire and metal and gasoline and oil to get about. These days we have cellphones that recognize our faces and finger prints and even measure our heart rate. We have facilities that can smash protons together and then study the debris to reveal the […]

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On Clarkson’s Suspension: All About Big Egos


So as you know there will be no Top Gear this Sunday night and the worst part is we don’t know who to blame for it. We don’t know if it’s Jeremy Clarkson’s fault for throwing punches at producers, the producers’ fault for not getting him dinner on time, BBC’s fault for being such jerks […]

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Haters Gonna Hate, But the Huracan Is Beautiful!


Since the first day it was introduced, Lamborghini Huracan has been under fire, mostly from fanatical people who are opposed to anything new, because apparently it is not good-looking enough for them. I’m sorry, but anyone blessed with the gift of sight will concur this car is mega hot.

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Ferrari’s 2015 Equation: New Car + New Driver = 2 Wins


Well that’s the theory, anyway, a plan Ferrari hopes will lift their spirits along with their points statistics compared with a poor and winless 2014.

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Tesla: Electric Is Starting To Look A Whole Lot Better

You probably know Tesla as the sporty electric car making the rounds in Hollywood – it’s the “other” EV, the car the environmentalist celebs choose over the ubiquitous Toyota Prius.

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Hamilton Vs Rosberg: Friend Or Foe?


If you were to hear the names, Senna and Prost, Webber and Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton, the ensuing conversation would be one of bitter rivalry, jealousy, paranoia, deep suspicion, mistrust, and a begrudging respect. It would spark up epic tales of battle, when warriors fighting within the same army only saw themselves as victors.

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Lexus Design Language: Why It Makes Sense

Lexus Design Language-1

Let’s not beat around the bush: Lexus has a weird design language these days. The L-Finesse philosophy with its sharp angles and that distinctive spindle grille does not strike you as beautiful when you first lay eyes on it. But it may well be the cleverest, most ingenious design in the auto world right now.

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Monotonous Monaco: Is It Worth The Hype? Photoshoot

The Monaco grand prix is the original street race, known for its perilous walls and barriers, a circuit that can wipe out a driver in the blink of an eye. The track is a kind of tour guide, its route revealing the super yachts bobbing in the harbour and the bikini-clad models watching on from […]

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Is “Car of the Future” Finally Here?


Back in the 60s and 70s the “car of future” was one that looked the most outlandish. That approach resulted in a number of utterly spectacular machines we know these days as the first super cars. At the turn of the century, we were told the future car is one that uses only a tiny […]

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Volkswagen Golf: The Hatchback King Turns 40

Volkswagen Golf 40 Anniv-0

This year an automotive icon is celebrating its 40th birthday. And like most other icons in the auto world, this one too is German. Volkswagen Golf is the car that practically invented the hatchback segment back in 1974, and it has been the undisputed ruler of it ever since. There have been seven generations of […]

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How Will The 2014 F1 Season Fare?


Despite a lot of negativity surrounding the new regulations and the car’s hideous designs, I’m excited about the upcoming season. You see, the slate has been wiped clean, and this means there’s a chance other teams may take advantage of these new regulations – especially regarding the new engine and turbo units – and step […]

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Toyota GT86 Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be?


Since its introduction as a production car in 2012, the Toyota GT86 has received nothing but praise from the media. It has a perfect sports car recipe which is right up every motoring journalist’s alley. But as it turned out, the customers in the real world have different ideas as to what makes a good sports […]

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Does My Bum Look Big In This?


This phrase often crops up when comparing fast cars: “feeling fast” is better than “going fast”. So what exactly does this mean? Take a 25-year-old Lotus Elan, for example, and compare it to a modern Mercedes SL500. The latter will have more impressive stats and figures and is on paper as well as reality the […]

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