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Spyker C8 Preliator Gets Koenigsegg V8

Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder-0

Two European boutique car makers have joined forces to present exotic car buyers a viable alternative to the Ferraris and Lamborhginis they are so used to. We are talking about the new Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder which made it Geneva debut last week with a Koenigsegg V8 in its midst. 

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BAC Mono Hits the Ice in First Winter Driving Event


When you think of a track toy like BAC Mono snow and ice are the probably the last places you want to use it. But in order to show off the car’s versatility, and partly because why not, the makers of the Mono took it to the frozen lake of Are in West Sweden and […]

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NIO EP9 Sets Fastest Autonomous Lap Record

nio ep9-mw

Not long after setting a world record for the fastest electric car in the world at the Nurburgring, NIO EP9 is back at it, this time setting a record for the fastest autonomous lap ever. The venue for this stunt was Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas, and the time 2 minutes 40.33 seconds.

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Zenvo TS1 GT One-Off Marks Brand’s 10th Anniversary

Zenvo TS1 GT-mw-1

In spite of all the hits Zenvo Automotive has been taking since its birth with people calling their hyper car stupid, pointless, and downright dangerous, they are still going strong because they believe in natural evolution and the idea that if you keep making them the quirks will eventually work themselves out. They are now […]

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Official: Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon

Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon-0

Major auto shows always mean a new special edition or one-ff Koenigsegg, and here’s the offering for this year’s Geneva Motor Show. This handsome beast you see here is called Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon, and it is the kind of car, one would imagine, Ragnar Lothbrok would drive… if he weren’t an ancient fictional viking. 

Official: Eagle Spyder GT

Eagle Spyder GT-0

Even though it is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive coachbuilt cars, everybody is familiar with the Eagle Speedster E-Type thanks to one Jeremy Clarkson and a little known show called Top Gear. Now the makers of that piece of automotive jewelry have come up with a convertible version called the Eagle Spyder […]

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Singapore Joins the Hypercar Game with Dendrobium


This March at the Geneva Motor Show the world will see for the first time what a Singaporean hypercar looks like. Mind you, the Dendrobium by Vanda Electrics is no ordinary hypercar but an all-electric one like Rimac Concept One. And since the Croatian car turned out to be a magnificent creation we should dismiss […]

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Lightweight Avatar Roadster Revealed in Production Guise


In recent years the British sports car as we knew it has morphed into something that has very little in common with cars that created this celebrated class in the years after WWII. Take the BAC Mono, for instance. That thing looks and costs like a bloody super car. Now, though, Devon-based form has come […]

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Lykan HyperSport Filmed at 100oct Event

Lykan HyperSport California

At one of 100 Octane super car meetings this year the visitors were treated to something truly special. All the way from Middle East, via the set of Fast and Furious 7, they were greeted by a red Lykan HyperSport, one of the most expensive cars in the world and the only one with diamonds […]

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You Can Now Reserve an Alpine Premiere Edition

Alpine - Camouflaged

Looks like the Alpine sports car revival we’ve been waiting for is finally almost there to enter production. The company has just opened 1,955 reservation spots for the launch edition version of the car, the Alpine Premiere Edition, which in finished guise will cost between €55,000 and €60,000 in France.

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Rezvani Beast Alpha SideWinder Doors Demo


Following its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month, the Rezvani Beast Alpha has become the sole focus of the boutique Californian car maker. They are beginning their marketing efforts for the Alpha with a series of videos highlighting the coolest features of the car. And the coolest feature of them all is, […]

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Arrinera Hussarya GT on Sale for $298K

Arrinera Hussarya GT Reid-1

The Polish super car maker Arrinera announced the official pricing of their new racing model which is on sale ahead of its competition debut next year. The Arrinera Hussarya GT is priced at $229,000 USD, but there is an obligatory $69K spares package that you need to buy if you want to use the car […]

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Gallery: 918, LaFerrari and P1, Plus F40 and F50!

SR Auto Hyper Lineup-0

Granted, this is SR Auto Group showing off their power and reach with the pictures of these magnificent machines. But it would have been an unforgivable sin f they’d assembled this lineup at their showroom and didn’t show it to anybody. Besides the holy trinity of Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, they also […]

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NextEV Unveils NIO EP9 Electric Supercar


The British electric car maker NextEV, who is planning to become a major player in the field of making of high performance electric machines, hosted a classy event at the Saatchi Gallery in London to announce the launch of their new NIO EP9 super car. On paper, the EP9 is a brilliant achievement boasting amazing […]

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BAC Mono Beats McLaren P1 GTR’s Time at Anglesey

BAC Mono Anglesey-1

The beautiful Anglesey Coastal Circuit in Wales is where Evo Magazine goes when they want to test the performance of the cars they get. They lap them and rank them in what they call the Leaderboard. Anyway, a while back when testing a BAC Mono they realized something quite remarkable.

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