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Ferrari 812 Superfast Unveiled Ahead of Geneva Debut

812 Superfast-0

The F12, or the modern-day berlinetta, was a model Ferrari subjected to a whole lotta different treatments during its lifetime, and now that they are retiring it and replacing it with a new model its spirit still survives. Actually more than the F12’s spirit survives in the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast, as the new V12 bad boy […]

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LaFerrari Aperta with Lady Driver Is Pure Class

laferrari aperta london

This triple-layer yellow LaFerrari Aperta is currently one of the coolest things in London’s supercar scene, so much so that even the presence of a DB5 Aston, as you will see in the video after the jump, does not manage to steal its thunder. So let’s see the magnificent beast as it cruises the high […]

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Super Sweet 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Scaglietti Headed for Auction

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Scaglietti-0

These days GTB Ferraris are better investments than gold and bonds and property. And that is why we reckon this awesome 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Scaglietti will go for more than its estimate of €1,800,000 to €2,200,000 when RM Sotheby’s auctioneers drop the hammer on it at their February 8 event.

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Ultra-Rare Ferrari 550 Maranello WSR Headed for Auction

Ferrari 550 Maranello WSR-0

As many classic car aficionados will tell you, Ferrari 550 Maranello is one of the few modern classic Ferraris whose prices haven’t skyrocketed yet. So you have to be quick if you fancy one, or if you want to make a quick buck when they eventually go up. And what better Maranello to own than […]

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Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 Debuts at TAS 2017

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488-0

It may not count as an all-new package, because in truth it is a revised version of the 458 kit, but that doesn’t take away from how friggin’ sexy the new Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 looks. Maybe it’s the color on this particular one, or maybe it’s the GTB’s mean and angry. Whatever it is, […]

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Justin Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Wide Body Is Up for Grabs

Bieber Ferrari 458 Wide Body Sale-0

I’m pretty sure you guys remember the rather exquisite Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 wide body the boys at West Coast Customs built a while back for Justin Bieber. Apart from all the noise that thing made in the car world, it was photographed often by the papp wherever the young singer happened to be around […]

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Rich Santa Has a Ferrari Enzo Sleigh!


Regardless of how creepy the whole concept of Santa Claus is if you ponder it for a second – it’s about a fat old man in red watching children all year long so that he can pass judgment on them – there is a good amount of fun that can be had with this guy. […]

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Ferrari SP 275 rw Competizione –Official Details

Ferrari SP 275 rw Competizione-0

December has been a pretty busy month for Ferrari, what with their hosting a fantastic Daytona event during which they unveiled the new 488 Challenge race car and a new one-off. This is that one-off, the Ferrari SP 275 rw Competizione, now officially detailed by the car maker.

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Preview: Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB

Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB-prv-1

Japanese tuner is mostly associated with doing up low and mid-range cars from ordinary brands like Lexus and BMW. This time though, they are trying their hand at upgrading something pretty high-end. This is an early look at the Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB styling kit, being prepared for debut at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Official: Ferrari J50 Limited Edition for Japan

Ferrari J50 Limited Edition-1

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand in Japan, Ferrari has come up with super sick limited edition based on the 488 Spider. It’s called the Ferrari J50; it is limited to just ten copies; and you can only buy it in Japan, except that they all may have been not only sold, but tailored […]

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Jay Kay’s Green LaFerrari Filmed Driving in Electric Mode


What was it James May said in the first episode of the Grand Tour about the Ferrari LaFerrari having no electric-only driving mode? Well, he must have been wrong or misinformed, because, unless our ears are playing tricks on us, in this video here we see Jay Kay’s famous green LaFerrari drive around a parking […]

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Prior Design Ferrari 458 by Creative Bespoke

Prior Design Ferrari 458 CB-0

You’ve heard of white power, now check out wide power! Arizonian tuner Creative Bespoke has created a one-of-a-kind Prior Design Ferrari 458 wide body which must one of the coolest, and widest, cars of its kind in America right now. This yellow beast was featured at this year’s SEMA show. Now it’s time for a […]

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Misha Designs Ferrari 458 Italia by KBS

Misha Designs Ferrari 458-KBS-0

KBS Motorsport is one of Singapore’s most prominent tuners, offering some of the world’s top aftermarket packages for exotic cars. In one of their latest project they have put together the country’s first Misha Designs Ferrari 458 Italia.

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Ferrari 488 Challenge Unveiled at Daytona

Ferrari 488 Challenge-1

As we get closer to the close of the 2016, more and more manufacturers haste to show us their new racing cars for the next season so as to keep us engaged in the affair throughout the holidays. One of the latest of this bunch to break cover is the Ferrari 488 Challenge which was […]

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Final Ferrari LaFerrari Sells for $7 Million


True to their words, Ferrari and RM Sotheby’s auctioned off the final, extra, 500th LaFerrari for the benefit of the victims of Italy’s devastating 2016 earthquake. And the one-of-a-kind vehicle performed brilliantly, raising $7 million USD.

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