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Almost 1,500 Fiat 500s Delivered in 48 Hours!


Before you jump to conclusions and think Fiat has suddenly become the world’s top auto maker in sales, let us point out that the delivery of the 1,495 Fiat 500 cars in less than two days – which is now a Guinness world record – was a premeditated plan carried out with the help of Italian […]

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Official: Abarth 695 Rivale


The name Riva is a well-known and well-loved one among those with a penchant for luxury yachting. The Italian brand has been making the most exquisite boats for the past 175 years. Obviously that’s something other Italian brands want to celebrate and Fiat is doing just that with Abarth 695 Rivale.

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Kama Sutra-Themed Fiat 500 by Garage Italia Customs

fiat 500 kama sutraa

The eccentric tuner Garage Italia Customs and its properly ubatz head Lapo Elkann are known for their unusual, often weird, but always cool designs. They have really taken the whole wrap game to a new level, and now they make more intimate, literally, with this Kama Sutra-themed Fiat 500. 

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Official: 2018 Fiat 500L


There aren’t that many family cars worthy of the name that are also characterful and not entirely dull to live with. Fiat 500L is one of those rarities, and now there is a new 2018 modelyear which, according to Fiat, is forty percent new and comes with features that make it a more versatile family […]

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2017 Fiat 500 Gets New Appearance Packages


When one of your best selling models is one of the trendiest cars in the world with a heavy of touch of retro, you do need to constantly update and upgrade it with new features to keep it in fashion. That is the reason for the new appearance packages launched for the 2017 Fiat 500. They […]

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Official: Fiat 500-60th Limited Edition


Yes, yes, it’s special edition Fiat 500, but it’s a good one this time. You have seen it at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, now the 2017 Fiat 500-60th Limited Edition has become available to order offering a stylish and retro-cool way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic city car. 

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Fiat 124 Coupe Is an Intriguing Proposition

Fiat 124 Coupe render

The biggest party piece of the new Fiat 124 Spider is the fact that it’s a drop-top sports car. But if you like this car just for the way it drives, then you might be open to the idea of a hardtop Fiat 124 Coupe. And even if you’re not this speculative rendering we have […]

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Do Want: Abarth 124 Speedster

Abarth 124 Speedster

Inspired by the debut of the MX-5 Speedster Evo at the SEMA Show, designer X-Tomi did in a new rendering what FCA should have done in real life. He penned the Abarth 124 Speedster, implementing the concept MX-5’s idea on its Fiat cousin, with startling results.

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Fiat 124 Spider In-Depth Review

Fiat 124 Spider in-depth

After giving us a thorough, in-depth look at the Mazda MX-5 Miata, it was only natural for SaabKyle to do the same thing with the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. After all, these cars are archrivals, even though they are basically the same car as far as chassis and running gear are concerned. So let’s dive […]

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Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT Rally Car Filmed in Action

Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT Rally

The new Fiat 124 Spider is already getting a number of high-performance variant, including the Abarth 124 for the roads and the Abarth R-GT for rally stages. The latter has been filmed recently rearing up some asphalt on some twisty mountain roads, and it looks, sounds, and goes really promising.

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Mazda MX-5 vs Fiat 124 Spider – Which Is Better?


This is what we’ve been waiting for, the big one, the battle royale, Diaz vs McGregor, you get the idea. It’s time to get down to it and see which is better, the new Mazda MX-5 which in its latest incarnation is pretty much perfect as a small, open-top sports car, or the Fiat 124 […]

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Official: Fiat 500 Riva Special Edition

Fiat 500 Riva-0

Italian luxury yacht manufacturer Riva, the maker of the magnificent Aquarama, have teamed up with Fiat for a special and limited version of the 500. Simply called the Fiat 500 Riva, the car comes with many yacht-inspired visual features and is garnished with premium materials.

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Fiat 124 Spider Review Roundup

Fiat 124 Spider Review

So the big press driving event for the new Fiat 124 Spider came and went recently and journalists from around the globe got to sample the new topless spots car. Now it’s verdict time, and it matters a good deal because a lot of people refrained from buying the Mazda MX-5 as they were waiting for […]

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Well-Specced Fiat 500S Launches in the UK

Fiat 500S-UK-1

Fiat announced the launch of yet another new edition of the 500 in the British market, but this time it is one worth considering. The 2017 Fiat 500S comes with a range of new options and features that make its £12,950 starting price seem like real good value.

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Abarth 124 Spider Priced from £29,565 in the UK

Abarth 124 Spider-UK-1

Turns out the high performance Abarth version of the new Fiat 124 is coming to the UK after all and Fiat’s not including it in the original price list was nothing more than a cunning teaser. By launching the Abarth 124 Spider separately from the regular models the car maker is sort of setting this […]

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