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Rosemary Smith, 79, Test Drives Renault Formula One Car!

Renault Sport Rosemary Smith F1 (1)

If you count yourself as a car guy and a driving guru prepare to be greatly humbled. This is Rosemary Smith, a sweet old lady of 79, and she’s just become the oldest person to successfully drive an 800bhp Renault Formula One car.

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Exciting Changes in F1 Rules for the 2017 Season


There are always a few changes in rules and regulations at the start of a new Formula One season, but 2017 sees many more changes than usual. Many of the new rules have been introduced to try and decrease lap times and improve speeds around corners. Overtaking will also be more difficult. Some of the […]

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10 Longest Point Scoring Streaks in Formula One


2013 British Grand Prix marked the fall of a 10 year old record previously held by Michael Schumacher, the driver who achieved most consecutive races finished in the points. The legendary German driver had 25 and the one who broke his record is not, as you were probably expecting, Sebastian Vettel, the other German that […]

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Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix Preview


The 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship has thus far been full of twists, turns, and plenty of drama. The Hungarian Grand Prix is on the horizon, promising to present new challenges for drivers. The event takes place from 22 July to 24 July 2016, with the race itself occurring on the 24th. Here’s a […]

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McLaren MP4-X Previews F1 Cars of Tomorrow

McLaren MP4-X-0

Taking a leaf out of Ferrari’s book who often tends of envision the future of Motorsport through speculative renderings of racing cars of tomorrow, McLaren asked its designers at the Applied Technologies department to come up with what they thought a Formula 1 car would look like in a few decades. The result is McLaren […]

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Ross Brawn: The Brains Behind Hamilton’s Legend


Behind every success story there’s usually a shrewd tactician quietly making a big difference in the background, and this is no different than in Formula One, where one man in particular has been behind the scenes assisting some of the sport’s most famous names.

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Mika Hakkinen Spotted in His McLaren P1

Mika Hakkinen McLaren P1-0

Many still consider Finnish ex-Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen to be the coolest driver ever to grace the F1 grid. It is now official. The man was spotted recently in Monaco, where he lives, in a McLaren P1 at what appears to be a tire shop.

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Lewis Hamilton Gets a Mercedes Maybach S600


We are having a hard time understanding the new hair color Lewis Hamilton is sporting these days. But you have to give it to him, he’s made Formula 1 cool again. And it s a new kind of cool, a more hip kind rather than the old F1 glamour which, in all honesty, was a […]

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Watch Lewis Hamilton Drift a Mercedes Like a Boss

Lewis Hamilton Drift

As a Formula 1 driver, and a two-time world champion one at that, Lewis Hamilton likes to go around corners in the most precise and calculated fashion in order to achieve the best possible time. He has been doing this since he began karting as an 8-year-old. So you would think Lewis hates drifting and […]

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Gallery: Red Bull F1 Live Demo in Mexico City

Red Bull Mexico City-0

The guys that run Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 team are almost certainly the coolest people in the entire Formula 1 business. We are basing that judgment on the fact that they just love fun and games, almost more than winning races. So a few months after taking Vienna by storm, the Red Bull crew […]

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Lewis Hamilton Extends Mercedes Contract till 2018


Looks like Lewis Hamilton is awfully happy at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team since he decided to extend his existing contract for the 2016 to 2018 Formula One seasons. Why wouldn’t he be happy? Not only they are winning races, Mercedes allows Lewis to basically do whatever he wants, including buying cars from his former team and […]

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Our Kind of Waltz: Red Bull Live Demo in Vienna

Red Bull Live Demo Vienna-0

Red Bull F1 team may not be winning races anymore, but they are as cool as ever and more keen on pulling elaborate publicity stunts than ever before. In the two weeks rest time they’ve got until the first European round of the season they decided to go to Vienna for a spot of relaxing […]

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Hamilton and Mercedes Halt The Ferrari Revival


Although Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes won the first round in Oz and the latest round in China with ease, and despite teammate Nico Rosberg grabbing that familiar second place, things aren’t entirely what they seem regarding the rest of season… thanks to Ferrari.

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Ferrari’s 2015 Equation: New Car + New Driver = 2 Wins


Well that’s the theory, anyway, a plan Ferrari hopes will lift their spirits along with their points statistics compared with a poor and winless 2014.

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Formula 1 Cars of the Future May Look Awesome!

Ferrari Design Formula 1 Concept-1

Taking a break from developing a cracking new car for Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari Formula 1 designers have come up with the ‘Ferrari Design Formula 1 Concept’. This is what Ferrari believes the F1 cars of the future should look like, and it is awesome almost beyond belief.

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