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GMC Sierra All Terrain X – Specs and Details

GMC Sierra All Terrain X-0

If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a car, this is what he would look like! The 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X based on the 2500HD is the latest addition to the Sierra pickup truck range and the most off-road capable ever. It is also one of the coolest looking trucks in the market, […]

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GMC Yukon SLT Premium Is for the Lovers of Chrome

2016 GMC Yukon SLT Premium Edition

Europe grew out of shiny chrome trims years ago, but apparently in America they still think it’s cool because GMC has just launched a new edition of the Yukon covered with the stuff. The 2016 GMC Yukon SLT Premium is the Yanks’ idea of a “premium” SUV.

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Official: 2017 GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition

GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition

Chevy is not the only GM brand getting all the special treatments. GMC is catching up rapidly, first with their pickup trucks and now with SUVs. The 2017 GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition is a factory tricked-out SUV headed for New York Debut, featuring unique visual highlights and extra equipment.

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Official: GMC Sierra All Terrain X

2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain X

There is something akin to sibling rivalry going on between GM’s brands, especially Chevrolet and GMC, and particularly regarding pickup truck production. Every time Chevy puts out a special edition, a few days later GMC comes up with one. So after the Silverado Realtree, we get this, the 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain X.

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Official: GMC Sierra Elevation Edition

GMC Sierra Elevation Edition-1

Giving Chevy’s pickup truck team a breather, General Motors has now asked their GMC department to come up with a special edition truck to balance things out between the sister companies. The 2016 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition is what they’ve come up with, an aesthetically appealing model packed with features.

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Official: 2016 GMC Sierra

2016 GMC Sierra-0

Americans have changed a great deal since the early days of the 20th century when they started to slowly take over the world. But one thing that will never ever change about them is their profound love of pickup trucks. And that’s why car maker keep’em coming year after with refreshed styling and upgraded equipment. […]

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Official: 2016 GMC Terrain and Terrain Denali

2016 GMC Terrain-0

New York Auto Show is the venue where General Motors unveils the new 2016 GMC Terrain featuring many styling revisions and some new technology features. It comes in two normal and Denali versions, with the latter being the range-topping luxury version.

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Official: 2015 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition

GMC Canyon Nightfall-0

Every time Chevrolet does something cool with the Silverado or Colorado, GMC follows suit with a similar treatment for their trucks. So after the launch of the Chevy Silverado Sport Package comes the GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition featuring handsome looks and a whole lots of extras.

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2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition Announced

2015 GMC Sierra Elevation-0

GMC has always been good at making handsome pickup trucks, and they still are, on the evidence of this latest special edition of the Sierra. It is called the Elevation edition and it offers an unrivaled “combination of style and content,” according to the manufacturer.

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2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Edition Unveiled

2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Edition

This fall GMC will spice up the Sierra lineup with a new special edition called Carbon. The truck comes in three different versions, all of them based on the Sierra 1500 model, featuring special exterior and interior appointments designed to make them more interesting to live with.

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Three Sinkhole-Damaged Corvettes to be Restored

Sinkhole-Damaged Corvettes-0

The story of Corvette Museum’s sinkhole date back to the early days of this year, and you would think that by now one of the biggest car makers in the world would have fixed everything. They haven’t. In fact, they just announced their plans to restore just three of the sinkhole-damaged Corvettes.

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Chrome GMC Yukon Denali by Metro Wrapz & Forgiato

Chrome Yukon Denali-0

If you are looking for a big, cool, and gangsta SUV, GMC Yukon is probably the very last name that springs to your mind. But if you’ve already ended up with one of these, don’t despair because you can still turn it around. All you need is a treatment like this.

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2015 GMC Sierra HD All Terrain Looks Fab

GMC Sierra HD All Terrain-0

GMC announced the launch of a new version of the Sierra HD pickup truck with an All Terrain package. The main purpose of this treatment is to enhance the truck’s off-road capabilities, but the thing we like most about it is how awesome it looks. It makes you think twice before ordering an F-150!

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General Motors Recalls Another 2.7 Million Vehicles


The reign of Mary Barra at General Motors  will forever be remembered as the great recall era. They still haven’t figured out completely what to with the ignition switch debacle that has caused numerous fatalities that NHTSA forces them to recall another 2.7 million vehicles.

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GM Build Shipping Container Homestead Out of Scrap Materials

shipping container homestead-0

General Motors has started a new initiative that is in effect a recycling project to put their scrap materials to good use, and is also a commendable social act. They are turning shipping containers into homesteads to support Detroit nonprofit Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI).

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