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Kevin Spacey Visits Renault Design Center

Kevin Spacey Visits Renault-0

The star of American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and House of Cards, the irreplaceable Kevin Spacey has been to France earlier this month where he popped by Renault Design Center for a short visit. If you’re wondering why would he do such a thing, that is because Kevin in a Renault ambassador and seems genuinely interested in […]

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Justin Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Wide Body Is Up for Grabs

Bieber Ferrari 458 Wide Body Sale-0

I’m pretty sure you guys remember the rather exquisite Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 wide body the boys at West Coast Customs built a while back for Justin Bieber. Apart from all the noise that thing made in the car world, it was photographed often by the papp wherever the young singer happened to be around […]

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5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts After a Car Accident


Automobiles and American culture go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, so do accidents. Around the world there are thousands of crashes every day, and many of them happen in the U.S. Recently Newsweek reported that 2015 had more traffic accidents since 2007. In the first half of the year alone there were 2.3 million serious injuries, 19,000 deaths […]

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Lewis Hamilton Hangs Out with Justin Bieber in His LaFerrari

Lewis Hamilton Justin Bieber

Lewis Hamilton, as you know, is a Formula One champion. But his involvement in music – and of course his piles of cash – has gotten him places no other F1 star has ever ventured before. This weekend he was spotted in Beverly Hills, hanging out with one Justin Bieber and giving him a ride […]

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Pagani Huayra Is the Latest Supercar Dwayne Johnson Can’t Fit In

Pagani Huayra-Dwayne-Johnson

This whole super cars Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, can’t fit in is becoming a social media thing. Every once in a while DJ releases a photo of a super car he fancies but can’t have on account of his size. Recently we’ve been getting more photos since Dwayne is filming season two of Ballers, […]

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The Rock Fancies a LaFerrari But Doesn’t Fit In!

The Rock Fancies LaFerrari

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, also known as the People’s Champ by the fans of WWE, is an all around cool guy who hasn’t changed one bit after his enormous success as a movie star. He still drives pickup trucks like in the olden days… although that could be because he doesn’t fit in anything smaller.

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Gallery: Cadillac Ciel at Entourage Movie Premiere

Cadillac Ciel Entourage Movie-0

So the long-awaited Entourage Movie finally opened in L.A. this past weekend, and nobody’s happier about it than Cadillac. They have been a part of the “entourage” since the beginning and enjoy a prominent feature in the movie as well. That’s why they broke out the big guns for the film, bringing out the one-off […]

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Burt Reynolds’ Bandit Trans Am Makes $480,000


When it comes to road movies and the cars gaining higher status than the actors, the black Pontiac Trans Ams that mocked Buford T Justice in the Smokey and The Bandit movies is up there with the Duke Boys’ orange 01 Dodge Charger and Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang.

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Chris Evans – Not Replacing Clarkson on Top Gear – Buys a Daytona Spyder


Chris Evans, the extremely likeable host of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, has caused quite a stir on the Internet these past couple of days. First it was the fake news of him replacing Jeremy Clarkson as the head host on Top Gear, and then the real news of him buying yet another super-expensive vintage […]

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Harry Potter’s Garage of Secrets


It’s recently been announced that the evil kid (Draco Malfoy) from the Harry Potter films has bought a Lamborghini Aventador (I’ll get onto that in a minute), and naturally this led me to look up what the other trio drove.

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Shane Lynch Does Sliding


Despite this Irish heartthrob being better known as a member of the 90s boy band, Boyzone, as well as making other TV appearances, his connection to the world of motorsport is now becoming more apparent. Shane has always held motorsport close to his heart, and now the boy band stuff pretty much takes a back […]

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Simon Cowell Buys an Eagle Speedster


Music guru and TV personality Simon Cowell is a proper petrolhead and does not shy away from indulging his love of expensive cars. He has owned many luxury and exotic cars such as Audi R8, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bugatti Veyron; all of them obvious choices for a wealthy celebrity like him.

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CGI Paul Walker to Star in Fast and Furious 7


Following the tragic death of Paul Walker in a Porsche Carrera GT accident last year, everybody thought his character would be retired in the next installment of the hugely successful franchise, The Fast and The Furious. As it turns out, the producers came to the conclusion that F&F wouldn’t be the same without Brian O’Conner. […]

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Wags and their Cars


WAG – acronym: Wives And Girlfriends, referring to the successful sportsman, especially footballers. n : the footballer’s tottering piece of orange and peroxide arm-jewellery. With that brief introduction to the WAG out of the way, I’ll try and explain why I want these semi-celebs featured with their cars…

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Drug Lord Nailed By Instagrammed Supercars


In my head, this is the sort of headline dreams are made of; however, whilst many of these sensationalised headlines are let down by the actual story, this one wins on all levels.

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