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10 Longest Point Scoring Streaks in Formula One


2013 British Grand Prix marked the fall of a 10 year old record previously held by Michael Schumacher, the driver who achieved most consecutive races finished in the points. The legendary German driver had 25 and the one who broke his record is not, as you were probably expecting, Sebastian Vettel, the other German that […]

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The History of a Legend: Porsche 911


The Porsche 911 is the German carmaker’s best known model and very few cars managed to draw as much attention as the legendary model from Porsche.

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The History of the Driver’s License

New York Sample License

The driver’s license or the driving license, that beautiful small piece of plastic or paper that gives us the right to drive any type of vehicle we want, whether it’s a motorcycle, an automobile or a truck and which we all dream when we’re kids. It’s the way we prove the police that we have […]

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Lamborghini History and Photo Gallery

Lamborghini Logo 175x175 at Lamborghini History and Photo Gallery

When many people hear the word “Lamborghini” they may think of luxury, class or lavishness, but they most likely do not think of tractors. The Lamborghini popular today began with Ferruccio Lamborghini’s first motorized endeavor: tractor manufacturing.

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The History of the Mini Cooper


The automobile was invented from the desire to increase the speed and style with which daily activities were carried out. In time, this desire for speed eventually spurred an interest in speed just for speed’s sake, and the result was auto racing.

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40 Years of BMW “M” History


BMW Motorsport GmbH. Or, shorter, BMW M. The most powerful letter in the alphabet. Here’s the story of 40 years of BMW M GmbH history.

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History of Mercedes Luxury Limousines: 1903 – 2013


The recently launched Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the most luxurious car ever produced by the German carmaker and is the most recent one in a long line of amazing cars. Even though the Mercedes 220 (W 187) launched in 1951 is considered the official predecessor of the modern S-Class, the Stuttgart based carmaker’s tradition regarding luxury […]

The Long Road from Karting to Formula One


Formula One is the highest class of open-wheel racing and probably the world’s most popular motorsport, with more than 300 million people watching every race of the season. The money, technology and media coverage this sport gets also makes it a career target for many drivers entering motorsport. But getting your place in Formula One […]

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Most Interesting Car Factories in History


A car factory is an amazing place…it is the place where pieces of metal and plastic are put together and create the modern wonder that is the automobile, which many of use daily. Today, building a car is an extremely complex process and modern factories are huge industrial facilities that spread on tens of acres. […]

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The Fascination Behind Goodwood Festival of Speed

Lord March

Year after year, one of the most important summer events is the already famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. And each time, the frenzy around the festival is incredible: new car launches, the event’s ground is flooded by supercars and many celebrities, especially those involved in motorsport, make an appearance over here. But what exactly is […]

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The Rise and Fall of Saab


For decades, Saab has been one of the Swedish car industry’s symbols and, alongside Volvo, made Scandinavian cars famous all over the world for their build quality and increased safety. And even though Volvo also produced great automobiles, Saab always had that extra something, an exclusive character and an aviation industry legacy that made it […]

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Land Rover History and Photo Gallery

Land Rover Logo 175x175 at Land Rover History and Photo Gallery

The word “rover” in Polish means a bike. But to many people the word “rover” immediately invokes thoughts of one thing: the Land Rover car.  The Land Rover Company is a British car manufacturer that has its headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The journey began around 1860, when J.K. Starley started manufacturing sewing machines in the […]

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Largest Traffic Jams in History


Even though two hundred years ago cars didn’t even exist, today they are part of our daily life, whether we like it or not. And ever since the number of cars started to grow, the world was confronted with an entirely new problem, traffic jams. It’s one of the drivers’ worst nightmares: a lot of […]

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Most Famous Car Nicknames in History

Citroen Traction

Throughout automotive history, there are a few cars that are not remembered by their official name, but by their popular nicknames instead. “Cobra”, “Frog Eye”, “Breadvan” or “Strawberry Basket” are just a few examples, but the list is a lot longer, including both nicknames used worldwide or only on several important markets. So let’s check […]

Visual History of Formula 1


The 2014 Formula One World Championship started up again on Sunday in Melbourne Australia and what a fantastic start to the season it was; it was dramatic, pulsating and thoroughly enjoyable.

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