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2017 Honda Civic Type-R Sets New FWD Nurburgring Lap Time


Well, we all knew this was coming. I mean, what do you expect to happen when you have a 320 horsepower front-wheel-drive car with active damping and trick differentials? It is going to go round the Nurburgring very quickly and become the new fastest FWD car. And that is exactly what’s happened to the 2017 […]

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Official: 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe and Sedan

Honda Civic Si Coupe-0

So ahead of their world debut at the New York Auto Show we get an online preview of the new 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe and its Sedan brother. The slightly hotted-up Civics come packing a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-pot with only 205 horsepower which has already disappointed many a fan… even before they see what […]

Honda Civic Type R Black Edition for UK


The hot hatch fans in Britain will be chuffed to know that Honda has come up with a special treatment for them. It’s a special and limited version of the current Type R, called Honda Civic Type R Black Edition, and although changes it features are cosmetic only, it is still the meanest, baddest hatchback […]

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Honda NeuV Showcases “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem”

Honda NeuV

While brands like Tesla and NextEV keep telling us that the future of motoring is not going to be horrible, Honda goes ahead and shows us their vision of a future car, and it looks like a lunchbox with wheels. This is Honda NeuV Concept featuring their Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem, which they will unveil in full […]

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Honda NSX Faces BMW i8 in Latest Comparison

NSX vs i8

So far we have seen the new Honda NSX pitted against cars such as Nissan GT-R and McLaren 570S. And while those are all relevant cars, the real rival for this hybrid sports car is the only other car in the market today that mixes electric motors with a combustion engine for the purpose of creating […]

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Leasing a 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Costs $369 a Month

Clarity Fuel Cell

As you may know from our previous reports, Honda is not yet ready to let customers have full ownership of their excellent Clarity hydrogen-powered car. So once again the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is being leased for the price of $369 a month for 36 months.

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Honda NSX Goes Snow Tactical in New Rendering

honda nsx snow tactical

So far most of the Honda NSX renderings we have seen had to do with the open-top Cabrio version of this car. Now Rain Prisk has penned a totally weird but undeniably awesome shooting brake variant of the Japanese super car in full snow tactical outfit.

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Honda NSX-GT Set for 2017 Super GT Debut

Honda NSX-GT-0

Forget Formula One, DTM, or even Rallycross. The motorsport category you want to be following in 2017 is Japan’s Super GT Series on account of the cars set to battle each other this season. This is the latest addition, the new Honda NSX-GT, and it will take on the likes of Lexus LC 500 and […]

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Civic Type R Heads Honda’s 2016 SEMA Lineup

Honda Civic Type R SEMA-0

So while their American branch, Acura, has to be content with limited exposure at this year’s SEMA show, Honda themselves are going to have a ball at the event. The highlight of their lineup is the Honda Civic Type R which will make its North American debut in “prototype” form at a “Civicpalooza.”

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EPA Range Announced for Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

In the world of environmentally friendly cars Honda Clarity Fuel Cell has always been a bit of a bittersweet proposition. It is an excellent vehicle that outperforms all electric cars, including Tesla Model S, in terms of range, and it doesn’t need recharging. What it does need, though, is liquid hydrogen which is a tad hard […]

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Honda NSX Takes on McLaren 570S and Nissan GT-R


It took a long time for the new-generation Honda NSX, or Acura NSX if you live in America, to finally become available. We waited a long time for it, but now that it’s here we want to see how good or otherwise the car really is. And the best way to go about finding that […]

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Official: 2017 Honda CR-V

2017 Honda CR-V-0

As one of the pioneers of the whole crossover segment with over 20 years of presence in the market, Honda CR-V has nothing to prove and its loyal customer base guarantee the sales success of every new model. Still, in today’s market flooded with all sorts of designs and options, the old CR-V needs to […]

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Honda Builds 3D Printed Micro Commuter

3D Printed Micro Commuter-0

When Japanese confectionary maker, Toshimaya, approached Honda with the idea that they should build them an electric micro car, they knew that only these nutters would go ahead and accept the challenge. Honda, for their part, treated the project as an experiment in 3D printing.

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New Honda Civic Type R Prototype Hits Paris

Civic Type R Prototype-0

Along with the new generation of the regular Civic Hatchback, Honda has brought with them a Civic Type R Prototype to the Paris Motor Show as well. This is definitely going to steal the thunder of the regular version, but you probably won’t see it as a production model until 2018.

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New Honda Civic Hatchback Revealed

Honda Civic Hatchback Euro-0

As promised, Honda revealed in time for the 2016 Paris Motor Show the new Euro-spec Honda Civic Hatchback. The 10th generation Civic continues the path forged by its predecessors, mixing European design cues with a strong Wasabi sauce to present the customers in the green continent with something different than the Eco boxes they are […]

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