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Blast from the Past: Ultimate Six Hummer

Ultimate Six Hummer-0

Long before Mercedes-Benz even entertain the idea of putting six wheels on their G-Wagon, Japanese tuner Calwing (213 Motoring in the U.S.) had come up their own six-wheeled SUV in form of the mighty Ultimate Six Hummer. This thing could very well be the coolest car in the world!

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Calwing Hummer H2 Is the World’s Fattest Car!


What you are looking at here is the automotive equivalent of a La-Z-Boy… with a bit of decoration. Calwing Hummer H2 is one of the bulkiest cars we’ve ever seen, but it’s also cool and rather aggressive, kind of like Tony Soprano in a three-piece suit with a huge Rolex on his wrist.

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Tupac’s Hummer H1 Sells for $337,144


If you recall a few weeks ago we told you about a very special vehicle hitting the Auction block in America. The vehicle in question was Tupac Shakur’s personalized Hummer H1 and it was estimated at around $100K. Turns out the auctioneers had underestimated the value of the car, as the hammer dropped on it […]

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Tupac’s Hummer H1 Is Up for Grabs

Tupac Hummer H1-0

RR Auction is offering a rather special 1996 Hummer H1 for sale, personalized by famous rapper Tupac Shakur. This car was customized and delivered to Pac by American Motors only a month before he was gunned down in Las Vegas.

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Gallery: EVS Motors Search & Destroy Hummer H1

EVS Motors Search Destroy H1-0

Texas-based tuner EVS Motors has teamed up with ADV1 Wheels to create their sickest off-road vehicle yet. The Search & Destroy Hummer H1 is a fully kitted-out mud plugger designed, judging by its name, to find stuff and destroy them rather than rescue them. Sounds appropriate, what with it being Texan!

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Blast from the Past: Forgiato Hummer H2

Forgiato Hummer H2-0

Seeing a Hummer H2 these days is like seeing your old chubby high-school friend. You thought that because of his size and special talents it would become a successful athlete or something. But in fact he’s turned into a couch potato; such a miserable failure that he’s abandoned by his family and left to die!

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Hummer H2 on 34-inch Forgiato Wheels!

Hummer H2-34-0

Even though it was completely pointless and utterly stupid, we find ourselves missing the Hummer H2. The car lacked any sense of logic so bad, GM had to kill it off and cut their losses. But the fans of the big old bruiser are still active and still very fond of fiddling with it.

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Is This The New Humvee?


America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have had other positive results besides killing scores of terrorists and making the world a relatively safer place. They taught the Army a great deal about joint operations, improved their guerrilla tactics, and most importantly, they resulted in huge advances in the machinery the military uses. 

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Chinese Dragon-Themed Hummer H2 by Vilner

Hummer H2 by Vilner

Bulgarian tuner Vilner has gone really big this time, literally, customizing a Hummer H2 with Chinese Dragon theme. These dragons are apparently the emblem of the Chinese Han Dynasty, and a symbol of power, luck and wealth, which is probably why they covered the whole interior with them.

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Hummer History & Photo Gallery

Hummer 545x341 175x175 at Hummer History & Photo Gallery

When the phrase “general purpose vehicle” is mentioned, images of the classic military Jeep often come to mind right off the bat.  While the Jeep conjures up numerous images of adventures on the open road, and while the Jeep has been the “motorized symbol of the American army during WWII and the Korean War,” there […]

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SR Auto Hummer H2 Magnum


Hummer is long gone, but SR Auto decided to remember the big boy by bringing back their Project Magnum. And as if the H2 wasn’t sizable enough, they’ve lifted it up using a Fabtech lift kit. It’s a proper monster now, especially in this shade of black.

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Hummer H1 Call of Duty by Cam Shaft


Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping brings the old Hummer H1 back in the headlines by giving it a special Call of Duty-inspired wrap.

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Nation-E Electric Hummer H1


Nation-E has plans to ruin one of the manliest cars of all time by making it…, well just at the picture above! It’s a plan to turn the Hummer H1 into a full electric car, and that’s fine. But this paintjob and those wings, and worst of all that name, the Angel H1, they’re just […]

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Hummer H2 Bomber By Geiger Cars


GeigerCars has modified the Hummer H2 once again, but this time it’s not a conventional tuning job! For whatever reason, they’ve replaced the stock wheels with some massive Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks which are 40cm wide and 150cm long. While this vehicle looks more like a tank, they call it the Bomber!

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Chromed Out Hummer H2 By CFC


The Hummer brand is not having a good time these days as their Chinese deal failed and it’s set to be wound down. However, to cheer it up a bit, a German company called CFC has came up with a crazy package for it, to remind us what this car is all about! CFC stands […]

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