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Official: 2018 Lincoln Navigator


The undisputed reign of the Caddy Escalade as the ultimate bling bling SUV is about to face a serious challenge posed by this, the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator. Just like its predecessor, the new Navi is big, it’s luxurious, and it’s imposing. But unlike them it isn’t a wasteful gas-guzzler made out pig iron and garbage cans. […]

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2017 Lincoln Continental Gets New McConaughey Ad


Although they were professionally mocked for their effort, Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey are not giving up their mutually beneficial partnership. In fact, they are expanding it, going all the way to Iceland to film a new commercial for the 2017 Lincoln Continental.

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Matthew McConaughey Stars in New Lincoln MKZ Ads

Lincoln MKZ Ads

Following the success of their previous campaign, Lincoln has once again teamed up with Hollywood super star Matthew McConaughey for a new series of TV spots promoting the new 2017 Lincoln MKZ. The ads have pretty much the same recipe as before, which of course means they are ripe for spoofing!

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2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Unveiled at NYIAS

2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept-0

One of the hottest cars to be unveiled at this year’s New York International Auto Show is also one of the first. Meet the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept, a new take on the car maker’s only successful model in recent memory, back with new looks and features to reclaim its position as the top bling-bling […]

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Lincoln Continental Concept Revealed for NYIAS

Lincoln Continental Concept-0

At this year’s New York International Auto Show Lincoln will have another crack at the luxury segment by unveiling a new Continental concept car. Harking back to the wonderful original Lincoln Continental, which is one of the stars of the soon to be released Entourage movie, the concept previews a modern, upmarket sedan.

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Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads


As you may remember, a while ago Lincoln enlisted the services of Hollywood megastar Matthew McConaughey to help them sell the new MKC crossover. The actor’s decision to do a fairly low-level car commercial caught the cunning eye of Saturday Nigh Live and they tapped Jim Carrey to have a a bit of fun with […]

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Matthew McConaughey to Star in Lincoln Ads

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln-1

In a bold move that is a bit surprising coming from a small and frankly struggling automaker like Lincoln, the company announced they have signed a big time Hollywood celebrity to represent the brand in the upcoming ads. They got Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

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Lincoln MKX Concept Shows up at Beijing Auto Show

Lincoln MKX Concept-0

Lincoln turned up at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show with a car that they maintain is new, but doesn’t look new at all. The Lincoln MKX Concept appears to be a fancier version of the MKC, set to become a global model in the near future. It is also the first concept Lincoln to be […]

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2015 Lincoln Navigator Officially Unveiled

2015 Lincoln Navigator

Ford Motor Company took the wraps off the all-new 2015 Lincoln Navigator full-size SUV ahead of its public debut at the Chicago Auto Show. Boasting a redesigned exterior, updated interior, more powerful engine, and new technology features, the Navigator will take on the new Cadillac Escalade.

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Tree-Based Interior for 2014 Lincoln MKX

lincoln mkx crp 1 175x175 at Tree Based Interior for 2014 Lincoln MKX

Lincoln released some interesting new details about the new 2014 MKX crossover that are guaranteed to make the car a hit with tree-hugger. The car features tree-based matetial inside the cabin which are a renewable alternative to normal fiber glass. They are developed jointly by Lincoln, sustainable solutions pioneer Weyerhaeuser and auto parts supplier Johnson […]

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2015 Lincoln MKC Priced

2015 Lincoln MKC 175x175 at 2015 Lincoln MKC Priced

If none of the great crossovers from renowned manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, and countless others, float your boat and you want a Lincoln, grab your checkbook because the American firm just revealed the official pricing of the 2014 MKC. It starts at $33,995.

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2015 Lincoln MKC Revealed

2015 Lincoln MKC 0 175x175 at 2015 Lincoln MKC Revealed

Lincoln released the first pictures and details of the new 2015 MKC crossover. This is part of a four-car group that is supposed to “reinvent” the brand and gives it another fighting chance. They say it is absolutely fresh and new from the ground up, but styling-wise at least, it doesn’t really look that way.

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Lincoln “SteerTheScript” Super Bowl Ad Released

SteerTheScript 175x175 at Lincoln SteerTheScript Super Bowl Ad Released

Lincoln still has no interest in being normal and it shows with the commercial they made for this year’s Super Bowl ad frenzy. They spent a fortune writing a script based on tweets by their fans telling weird stories. The job of putting them all together was given to comedian Jimmy Fallon, and this is […]

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Lincoln MKC Concept Detailed in Video

Lincoln MKC Concept 175x175 at Lincoln MKC Concept Detailed in Video

It is kinda respectable how Lincoln stubbornly continues with a design language that doesn’t really work that well. At the 2013 Detroit Motor Show they turned up with the MKC Concept, and, well, it’s a jacked-up MKZ. It is not bad, but designs like this only appeal to a small group of people, and that […]

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NAIAS 2013: Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept 1 175x175 at NAIAS 2013: Lincoln MKC Concept

Ford Motor Company still has faith in Lincoln, even though they keep using the same old recipe that doesn’t really work. This is the new Lincoln MKC, a concept car that introduces Lincoln to the small luxury crossover segment. And it is still not what you call pretty or interesting.

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