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McLaren Hyper GT Partially Teased

McLaren Hyper GT-sketch

What you are looking at here, ladies and gents, is parts of an early sketch of the BP23, or as we know it for now the new McLaren Hyper GT car. It is the successor to the F1 and it is absolutely awesome and completely pointless… except for teh 106 people who have already bought the […]

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McLaren 720S Rendered in Spider and GT3 Guises


It has been only a day since the new McLaren 720S was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, but already people are speculating about other variants it will inevitably spawn. That’s sort of McLaren’s own fault since they added fuel to the fire with the Velocity MSO. But here we offer you an early look at […]

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McLaren 720S Velocity by MSO

McLaren 720S Velocity by MSO-0

Such is the demand for personalized supercars these days that McLaren allowed exactly one day pass after the debut of the new 720S to introduce a bespoke MSO version of it with fancy options. The McLaren 720S Velocity by MSO, as it’s called, showcases what sort of options and extra equipment you can get from the […]

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Official: 2018 McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S-08-Studio

So what we have been following for the past year or so as the P14 Super Series has now officially been unveiled and it is christened the McLaren 720S. As the name reveals, the new British supercar has precisely 720 PS courtesy of a new twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, and it looks rather weird but in […]

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McLaren P14 – New Facts Revealed

McLaren P14 drift

Even though the design of the new McLaren P14, set for debut at the Geneva Auto Show, has already been leaked, the company is still managing to keep the public’s interest in it at a very high level. That is because with the Super Series Macs the looks are about 30 percent of the package. […]

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McLaren 675LT Gets a Boost from Mcchip

McLaren 675LT Mcchip-1

Honestly we don’t know why anyone would want to have their McLaren 675LT tuned, seeing as the thing is more than satisfactorily fast out of the box, but the guys at Mcchip-DKR have come up with a handy treatment that takes care of that job nicely. Through the magic of software and some exhaust trickery they […]

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McLaren P14 Initial Specs Revealed: New 4.0 Liter V8

McLaren Super Series 4L V8

As we get closer to the Geneva Motor Show where the new, second-generation McLaren Super Series known to us as the McLaren P14 is going to be revealed, the British automaker releases more details about the car to get us all revved up about it. They just announced the P14 will boast not the current 3.8 […]

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McLaren P14’s Proactive Chassis Control II Explained

McLaren P14 drift

Now that the first picture of McLaren P14 has leaked online and we all know what it looks like if the teasers the company releases are to be interesting they must have to do with power and performance. And that’s exactly what the new teaser is about. It reveals the initial specs of the chassis, […]

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First Look: McLaren P14

mclaren p14 leak

Turns out McLaren Automotive have been rather stingy with the teasers they’ve given us so far regarding the new Super Series model – the 650S replacement, the McLaren P14. The thing is pretty much ready to roll judging by this revealing leaked photo form a private viewing, but all we’ve got from them so far […]

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Is This the Most Unique McLaren P1 MSO Yet Seen?

p1-mso-spot (2)

Usually when you see a hyper car with a crazy two-tone paint work it is a wrap done by some tuner to give the car a temporary fresh look. But that is not the case with this McLaren P1 MSO. The owner of this car decided it would be a good idea to give McLaren […]

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Supercars to Come: McLaren Super Series & Pagani Huayra Roadster


It is sort of anti-climactic that we already know what the two biggest super car debuts of the year 2017 are and we haven’t even gone pass January yet. It also means from now till March when these two, the McLaren Super Series and the Pagani Huayra Roadster, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor […]

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Another McLaren P1 GTR Is Up for Grabs

McLaren P1 GTR sale nb-0

As predicted, most of the guys who ordered a McLaren P1 GTR from the factory did so not because they wanted to enjoy the amazing design or the mind-bending performance of the thing, but rather because they wanted to make a quick buck. More and more GTRs are popping up for sale these days, fetching […]

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McLaren P14 (650S Replacement) Teased for Geneva 2017

040117_McLaren Automotive Announces Second-Generation Super Series_Monocage II image_final

Not that it was a secret, but McLaren Automotive has now officially confirmed the debut of the “Second generation of the Super Series” models at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. We know the car as the McLaren P14, the replacement for the current 650S.

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New MSO Options for McLaren 12C and 650S

MSO McLaren 12C 650S-0

It’s amazing that with everything McLaren Automotive has going on at the moment plotting new concepts and testing new models, not to mention juggling many different racing series, that they still find time to make the owners of McLaren 12C and 650S models  feel good about their cars. They have just launched a series of […]

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McLaren Achieves Production Milestone as 10,000th Car Rolls Off the Line

McLaren 10000 - MF

Building the 10,000th vehicle may not be an impressive feat for a regular, big-business automaker, but for a small manufacturer like McLaren it is a milestone worth celebrating with cake, champagne and coke. This is especially important because they have only been doing this, as a full-on car maker, since 2010.

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