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Three Millionth MINI Rolls Off Production Line at Oxford


MINIs are not a very common sight on the roads, which begs the question when did they make 3 million cars and where are they all? But that’s what they’ve done, and they recently celebrated the production of the 3 millionth MINI at the famous Oxford plant.

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MINI JCW Rally Set for Cross Country-Competition

MINI JCW Rally-0

Rallying has been part of MINI since the early days and the legend of Paddy Hopkirk and Monte Carlo Rally. But these guys have proven they are nothing if not flexible, meaning they are not that strict in what form of rallying they take part in. So after enjoying a good time at long-distance events such […]

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Spotlight: MINI Cooper JCW Monte Carlo Edition

MINI Cooper JCW Monte Carlo-0

In Abu Dhabi the trio of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce are represented by the same company, which explains how most of the unique special editions and one-offs from these three brands end up in that city. This here is an exclusive, special edition MINI Cooper JCW Monte Carlo Edition recently delivered to MINI Abu Dhabi.

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MINI Plug-in Hybrid Previewed in Munich

MINI Plug-in Hybrid-prv-1

Looks like the makers of the MINI, which is to say BMW, are finally catching up with the rest of the market in offering a hybrid variant of the iconic British runabout. Previewed in camo by brand management Sebastian Mackensen and Head of MINI series management Peter Wolf, the MINI Plug-in Hybrid will soon head […]

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MINI John Cooper Works Clubman Launches in U.S.

MINI John Cooper Works Clubman-0

Choosing the right MINI these days is like choosing food in one of those trendy L.A. restaurants. You usually end up with something that is heavy on the garnish but void of anything with actual substance, and in the end it’ll leave you wanting a regular old burger. With that in mind, here’s the latest […]

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AC Schnitzer Does the New MINI

AC Schnitzer MINI-0

German tuner all things BMW Group, AC Schnitzer, has come up with a thorough upgrade package for the latest generation of MINI Cooper. Shown here in convertible guise, the package can also be ordered for the hardtop and also the Clubman, boosting the visual appeal of the vehicle as well as its performance.

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BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Present VISION NEXT 100 Concepts


Yesterday at a glittering event at London’s Roundhouse Rolls-Royce took the wraps off their first-ever ‘Vision’ vehicle, a design study concept they have built just for the prestige. It’s called Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 which is a pretty self-explanatory name. This car is part of a trio celebrating BMW Group’s centenary year by speculating on […]

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B&B MINI Cooper JCW Boosted to 300 PS

BB MINI Cooper-0

Even the standard 230 PS MINI Cooper offers plenty of fun with its go-kart handling and cutesy looks. But driving fun is kind of like cocaine. You start by having a little and before you know it you need four or five lines to get going. That’s where tuned versions like this B&B MINI Cooper […]

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Official: MINI Cooper Seven

MINI Cooper Seven-0

Behold the first special edition version of the new MINI, the harbinger for a new dynasty of special edition MINIs to come. Built for the USA, MINI Cooper Seven blends the British car’s fun and engaging character with a host of exclusive design features on the exterior and interior.

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Manhart MINI F300 John Cooper Works

Manhart MINI F300-0

The F56 MINI John Cooper Works is a hot little hatch with a 230 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo engine. But if you want something a little bit more spicy let us present to you the unique Manhart MINI F300. This tuned MINI is a true pocket rocket with stripes of gold.

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Official: MINI One D Clubman

MINI One D Clubman-0

Just a few years ago the very idea of an elongated MINI with a small diesel engine was considered too ludicrous to be taken seriously. These days, though, such a thing exists and the company is proudly presenting it in form the new MINI One D Clubman.

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The History of the Mini Cooper


The automobile was invented from the desire to increase the speed and style with which daily activities were carried out. In time, this desire for speed eventually spurred an interest in speed just for speed’s sake, and the result was auto racing.

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UK Only: MINI Countryman Special Edition

MINI Countryman Special Edition

We’ve hearing less and less about MINI lately, especially in terms of special and limited editions. They have now come up with a new SE version of the MINI Countryman which, to be frank, is not that special and could be just a slightly posher trim grade. Still, they’ve put a 250 units production cap […]

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Maxi-Tuner MINI Cooper S Clubman

Maxi-Tuner MINI Cooper S Clubman-0

If you are driving around in a MINI Cooper S Clubman, you deserve to treat yourself to a Christmas gift, if just to help yourself feel better about driving a Clubman. It would be ideal if that gift enhanced your car in some way, like what Max-tuner is now offering.

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Why we still Love the Mini


The Mini has been an icon for many years now. For those who were born in the 60s seeing a Mini on the street invokes strong feelings of nostalgia for the age of free love. Even people who have no memory of that time associate the Mini with a very cool decade i.e. the 60s.

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