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Official: Morgan EV3 Electric 3-Wheeler

Morgan EV3-0

Nope, this is not a probe car from the next Mad Max movie. It’s a new version of the Morgan three-wheeler powered by an electric motor, called Morgan EV3. And it’s a production model, believe it or not, and no, it doesn’t have wood in it like regular Morgans.

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Morgan AR Plus 4 Goes Official

Morgan AR Plus 4-0

So following yesterday’s teaser, Morgan Motor Company unveiled their latest creation, the Morgan AR Plus 4, at Silverstone Classic 2015. It’s a full-blooded sports car the AR Plus 4, pitched as a track car that you can drive on the road. It is built by Morgan’s racing arm AR Motorsport.

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Morgan AR Plus 4 to Debut at Silverstone Classic

Morgan AR Plus 4-teaser

Morgan Motor Company announced the launch of a new limited edition model at the Silverstone Classic this weekend. To be built by AR Motorsport, the new track-inspired model is called Morgan AR Plus 4 and it celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Plus 4.

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Geneva 2015: Morgan Aero 8

Morgan Aero 8-0

If Morgan’s teasers and previews led you believe they have come up with a new sports car for this year’s Geneva Motor Show, they have not deceived you. I know the Morgan Aero 8 looks awfully familiar, but it is in fact new. That’s just how Morgans look!

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Geneva-Bound Morgan Sports Car Partially Revealed

Morgan Sports Car

A new teaser photo released by Morgan Motor Company gives us our first glimpse of their brand-new model set for debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The design rendering is dark and mysterious, but it is enough to confirm Morgan is not changing its design philosophy.

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New Morgan Sports Car Teased for Geneva 2015


It’s been a while since we last heard of British sports car maker Morgan. Things have been rather quiet up there in the Malvern Hills, but turns out they were laying low, working on an all-new product which they will unveil at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

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Morgan Special Project 1 Unveiled

Morgan Special Project 1-0

You wouldn’t expect a small car maker like Morgan to have a special projects unit, but they do. And they turned up at this year’s Salon Prive with an all-new product called SP1 or Special Project 1. The car is inspired by the 2009 LifeCar concept vehicle and remains loyal to Morgan’s 105-year old tradition […]

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2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler Unveiled

2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler 175x175 at 2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler Unveiled

Hardly anybody expected the Morgan 3 Wheeler to catch on when the British car maker announced they are reviving the thing in 2011. But catch on it did, thanks to a super nice blend of retro looks and old-school fun. So much so that they decided to update the car and launch a new 2014 […]

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Custom-Built Morgan Plus 8 at Jay Leno’s Garage – Video

custom morgan 175x175 at Custom Built Morgan Plus 8 at Jay Lenos Garage   Video

Jay Leno’s friend and car customizer Jason Len from XKs Unlimited – the guy who made Jay’s custom XKE roadster – comes back to the garage with his latest creation, a 1970 Morgan Plus 8. Granted, there is no visual difference between a 1970 Plus8 and one that was built last year, but despite the […]

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Morgan 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition


The Morgan 3Wheeler is quite special as it is, but for those who want something truly unique, the British company released the 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition. They actually have a right to use this classic livery, because it is also featured on the Morgan Nissan LMP2, which is a real race car.

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Morgan Returns To Le Mans With New LMP2 Car


It’s quite busy in the beautiful Malvern Hills at the moment as the British sports car maker is trying to expand business. They have many new ventures they want to explore. We told you about the new manual electric sports car they have developed, now let us tell you about their ambitious motorsport plans. They […]

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Geneva 2012: Morgan Plus E


Nobody really expects a car maker like Morgan to go all green and electric. But for whatever reason they felt the need to make an electric car based on the Plus 8. They have an EV to show how in tune with the times they are, and how they feel responsible as a car maker […]

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Morgan Plus 8 Review by EVO


If you want a modernized Morgan (sort of) you get the Aero 8. If you want a proper Morgan, you get the Plus 8.

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Electric Morgan Set For Geneva Debut


Morgan’s styling department might live in 1960s, but their engineers are moving on, preparing a new electric drivetrain for the Plus 8.

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Morgan Aero Coupe Unveiled


Morgan revealed the first pictures of their latest model, the Aero Coupe.

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