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Jeremy Clarkson Stars in Amazon Prime Air Ad

Jeremy Clarkson-amazon-ad

It is said that Amazon has paid the former Top Gear Trip, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, around 250 million British pounds to come and make a car show for them. That sounds like a lot of dosh, but turns out part of the deal, at least for Jezza, is making Clarkson-style commercials […]

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Honest Trailers Roasts Furious 7

Furious 7 Roast

If you own a YouTube on your social media machine, chances are you have stumbled upon a channel called Screen Junkies. These guys make videos called Honest Trailers, a name that is pretty self-explanatory. The latest blockbuster to fall victim to the sharp criticism of these pseudo-intellectual junkies is Furious 7.

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Camaro Thinks It’s a Transformer, Tries to Hump a Subaru!


In what is quite possibly the weirdest crash of all time, a red Chevrolet Camaro was found sitting on top of a Subaru Outback in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Tennessee. Apparently nobody knows how this happened, so feel free to come up with your own theory.

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Top Gear Lists Top Caravan Crashes of Clarkson Era

Top 10 Caravan Crashes

In a new video Top Gear’s Youtube channel, which recently passed one billion views, has put together a montage marking the top caravan crashes from the show’s golden era with Clarkson, Hammond, and May. It is both sad and hilarious.

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Is This What Grand Theft Auto VI Will Look Like?!


A group of creative enthusiasts have gone to the trouble of creating a video depicting scenes from the Grand Theft Auto video game in the real life. They’ve done such as amazing job it makes you think, could Grand Theft Auto VI look something like this? Will advanced graphics and massive computing power finally make […]

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Father & Son Wrench In Uganda For Charity


A few weeks ago I received a message from a girl called Lucy Campbell. She informed me her uncle, David Beadle and his 18-year-old son, Jack were due to visit Uganda in February to share their mechanical skills and help fix hospital vehicles.

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Teddy Bear on Lamborghini Has Become a Trend!


A few weeks ago we saw a DMC Lamborghini Aventador in China adorned with a huge teddy bear, just for funsies. Little did the guy knew what he started would soon turn into a trend. Well, in China at least. This guy here actually took the ‘Teddy Bear on Lamborghini’ thing to whole new level […]

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Gallery: The Big Stig Arrives in Warsaw

Big Stig-warsaw-0

A few days ago we introduced you to the Stig’s giant cousin, simply known as the Big Stig. This 9-meter statue of Top Gear’s tame racing driver has now arrived in Warsaw, Poland, where it is now on display just outside the Palace of Science and Culture.

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Meet the Big Stig!

Big Stig-0

The Top Gear world is a pretty busy world these days, and not just because there is a new series on. While the TV boys are toiling away in the studio, TG people behind the scenes are embarking on a journey across Europe, taking the Big Stig to Poland.

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Gallery: DMC Lamborghini Aventador Teddy Bear Edition!

DMC Aventador Teddy Bear-0

China is a weird and interesting place, but even by their standards, this is something truly outlandish. The owner of a super hot DMC Lamborghini Aventador, which appears to be the coveted E-GT model, decided to strap a giant teddy bear on the roof and drive around town. for funsies!

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Ken Block: A Modern Day Super Hero


Like the rest of the globe wowed by Ken Block’s drift antics, I awaited the seventh instalment from the Hoonigan like a four-year-old waiting for Santa – in fact, I sat refreshing YouTube’s search box half-an-hour before Gymkhana 7’s scheduled release time.

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Stig and Darth Vader Spotted Cruising in a Porsche Spyder!

stig and darth vader

This needs a bit of explanation, but to be honest with you we no idea what is going on here. Well, we can see the Stig has befriended Darth Vader and they are cursing in an open-top Porsche 550 Spyder, in snow. But we don’t know what these guys are up to. It can’t be […]

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Hilarious Road Rage: Cartoon Characters Beat Up an Angry Driver!

cartoon road rage

If you were in any doubt that Russia is weirdest place in the whole universe, this video will wipe them away. It’s kind of hard to get your head around what’s going on here, but based on what we see in this footage, a gang of cartoon characters leap out of a van and beat […]

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Jeremy Clarkson in Nissan GT-R vs Michelle Jenneke


The recent Top Gear Festival Sydney was full of cool new stunt and challenges, including one unusual race between a machine and a woman. In this race Jeremy Clarkson took on Australian hurdler, model, and internet sensation Michelle Jenneke. Jeremy is in a Nissan GT-R, Michelle is… in a pair on running shoes.

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Fake Japanese Batman Looks So Sad!


What has gone wrong in this Japanese man’s life for him to dress up as Batman, built himself a Bat-tricycle-thingy, and hit the highway? This unknown guy was spotted on a Japanese freeway and has apparently set the social media abuzz with this detailed and surprisingly accurate depiction of the world’s most favorite superhero.

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