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British Boxer Gets Bespoke Range Rover SVO

bespoke range rover svo

Jaguar Land Rover gives British boxer Anthony Joshua MBE a proper moral boost by delivering his Bespoke Range Rover SVO prior to his ‘Super Title’ match versus Wladimir Klitschko on April 29. Based on the range-topping SVAutobiography Dynamic, this special Range Rover features a range of enhancements by Special Vehicle Operations.

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Overfinch Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Overfinch Evoque Convertible-4

The most respected Range Rover tuner of them all, overfinch, is now expanding its business to lower models than the Vogue and Sport because they don’t want to go to the brink of bankruptcy as they did a few years ago. So welcome the Overfinch Range Rover Evoque Convertible, a blend of trendiness and aristocratic tendencies!

Range Rover Velar Goes Official

Range Rover Velar-0

Interestingly, JLR decided not to waste everybody’s time with a long and pointless teaser campaign and just revealed the new Range Rover Velar in all its official glory days before its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The newest member of Range Rover family is a mid-size luxury SUV that wants to introduce new levels of […]

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Range Rover Velar Teased Ahead of Geneva Debut

Range Rover Velar tease

Nobody asked for it, but the world is getting a new Range Rover anyway because, according to the car maker, there was a “white space” between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport which needed filing. The filler is called Range Rover Velar, a name with roots in the company’s early days and earliest prototypes, […]

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Range Rover Reborn Is Ready for Rétromobile Debut

Range Rover Reborn-0

As you may know, Jaguar Land Rover launched a huge campaign a few years back to restore and basically reproduce some of their most iconic models. For Jaguar it was the E-Type Lightweight and the XKSS, and now Land Rover is ready to present their first modern-classic in form of this 1978 two-door they call […]

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Range Rover Sport SVR Is an All-Terrain Speed Machine

Range Rover Sport SVR sprint-1

Ever since car makers started putting massive engines in SUVs people have been asking why, what is the point? And the best answer so far is that because they sell well, that’s why. Now though, Land Rover has got up to some tricks with the Range Rover Sport SVR which, although it doesn’t result in […]

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible “Phoenix”

Kahn Range Rover Evoque Convertible Phoenix-0

For some reason the name Phoenix is often associated with sinister stuff like military and intelligence operations. That is probably why Project Kahn has chosen this name for their new Range Rover Evoque Convertible upgrade package. The thing does indeed look pretty sinister in this bright shade of orange.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio by Cartech

Cartech Range Rover Evoque Cabrio-0

Whether you like the very idea of the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio or not, you have to admit the one you are looking at right here is pretty damn nice. This is the creation of Swiss tuner Cartech who has used a collection of some of the finest aftermarket upgrade parts for this car to […]

Blacked-out Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE!

Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-0

South African tuner RACE! has been doing so many super cars lately, we thought they would never work on any other type of vehicle ever again. But now they have revealed a tricked-out Range Rover Sport SVR they have equipped with new colors and features.

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Range Rover Drops the First “Ultimate Vistas” Gallery

Range Rover Ultimate Vistas-0

British conglomerate Jaguar Land Rover, as you know, is very fond of elaborate and expensive publicity stunts. In one of their latest efforts promoting the Range Rover they are sponsoring a photographic work called ‘Ultimate Vistas’ in which top photographers visit the most breathtaking places on earth and capture the landscape.

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Hamann Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Goes Official

Hamann Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Official-0

We have already gotten a sneak preview of the Hamann Range Rover Evoque Cabrio wide body with DS Auto’s unique creation. But now the German tuner themselves have dropped the official details and photos of the car which gets pretty much everything they have to offer for the hardtop version.

Range Rover Sport Tackles Inferno Downhill Ski Run


In a spectacular show of its off-road capabilities, a Range Rover Sport successfully completed the fearsome Alpine ski route of Inferno downhill in Mürren, Switzerland. Piloted by ex-Stig Ben Collins, the Sport took 21min 36sec to cover the 9.25 mile course, but it did it without killing itself or the driver, which is more than […]

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Vilner Range Rover Sport “20th Anniversary”

Vilner Range Rover Sport-20th-0

One of the special “Vilner’s 20th Anniversary” cars the Bulgarian tuner has created is this unique Range Rover. Besides being a celebratory model and one of the most thorough jobs they have done, Vilner Range Rover Sport also has an interesting backstory which makes it almost a celebrity car.

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NATO Olive Range Rover Sport by Print Tech

Nato Olive Range Rover Sport-0

German premium wrapping company Print Tech is known to be an innovator in terms of the colors they come up with for their projects. This NATO Olive Range Rover Sport is one of the latest manifestations of their color genius, resulting in the creation of one seriously cool looking SUV.

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Overfinch Range Rover London and Manhattan Editions

Overfinch Range Rover Lon-NY-0

Earlier this year at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, British tuner of Range Rover cars came up with two really special models that are now currently on sale. Overfinch Range Rover London and Manhattan have pretty self-explanatory names and they are some of the world’s most luxurious SUVs.