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New Land Rover Discovery Goes Official

Land Rover Discovery Official-0

Following some elaborate teasers Land Rover has now revealed the new Discovery on the eve of the Paris Motor Show. The new 2017 Land Rover Discovery is pitched as the ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle, a car, a “full-sized, three-row, seven-seat SUV with unbeatable capability and versatility.” It will go on sale from Spring 2017 priced […]

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New Land Rover Discovery Is Kid-Approved

Land Rover Discovery Children-0

Despite its rough and tumble looks and the image it has acquired as one of the world’s most capable SUVs, Land Rover Discovery is first and foremost a family car. That is why, in an ingenious campaign, Land Rover decided to involve children in the process of developing the new model. The may have stolen […]

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New Land Rover Discovery Teased for Paris Motor Show

New Land Rover Discovery-1

Nobody really expected the Land Rover Discovery to get a facelift so soon, but such is the condition in today’s market. You need to constantly update the product with new looks and embellishments, or you’ll lose ground to the adversary. So here’s your face-lifted Disco, set for debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show on […]

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Spotlight: Kahn Design Defender 90 in Santorini Black

Kahn Design Defender 90-0

Over the years there have been many different Kahn Design Defender models in all guises including 90 and 110, pickup, one with a long bonnet and a V8, and even a six-wheeled version. But we reckon we have found the sweet spot, the best of the lot, with this Santorini Black 90 here.

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Kahn Design Land Rover Discovery “Black Label”

Kahn Land Rover Discovery Black-0

It was almost exactly one year ago when Kahn Design gave us a taste of what they have in store for the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. Now they have come up with a full upgrade package for the SUV with a cool name. This is Kahn Design Land Rover Discovery Sport Black Label.

John Cena Becomes a Chauffeur at Invictus Games

John Cena-Invictus-Games-0

Fulfilling his duties as a supporter of the troops, and also as an ambassador for the Jaguar Land Rover brand, WWE superstar, actor, and certified huge guy John Cena turned up incognito at the Invictus Games in Orlando and chauffeured two U.S. team members to the venue.

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Ultimate Defender by Kahn Teased for London Motor Show

Ultimate Defender-prv-0

We’ve been wondering why Kahn Design was so quiet lately. Turns out they were preparing something rather special for the 2016 London Motor Show. It’s called the Ultimate Defender and described as a “true collector’s item” marking the end of production for the old Landie.

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Official: 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport-0

Land Rover announced the launch of the 2017 modelyear version of the Disco Sport, and it comes with many upgrades including some useful new apps. That’s right, even cars have apps now, which means every other day you have top what you are doing with them and update the damn things or they stop functioning […]

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Kahn Land Rover Defender “The End” Edition

Kahn Land Rover Defender The End-0

Kahn Design is celebrating, or rather just marking, the end of production for Land Rover Defender – a car they’ve had a long and fruitful love affair with – with a special edition. It’s called Kahn Land Rover Defender The End Edition, and it’s limited to 25 copies.

Carlex Design Land Rover Defender Nakatanenga

Carlex Design Land Rover Defender-0

In a special commission by off-road specialist Nakatanenga, Carlex Design has put together a fabulous interior package for a Land Rover Defender. This is a one-off vehicle, but if you like it they can make another one for you.

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Land Rover Discovery SVX Super Off-Roader Planned

Land Rover Discovery SVX

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department is expanding by launching a new branch that will concentrate on making extreme off-road models. Whereas SVR-badged cars focus on road performance, these SVX models will be all-terrain monsters, with the first one being Land Rover Discovery SVX set for debut next year.

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Last of the Current Land Rover Defender Rolls Off the Line

Last Defender-0

In a big ceremony at the Solihull production facility, and in presence of more than 700 current and former employees as well as high-profile guests, Land Rover celebrated the end of production for the current generation Defender. So after 68 years, the old Landie we all know and love arrives at the end of the […]

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Kahn Land Rover Defender 110 “The End”

Kahn Land Rover Defender The End-0

British tuner Kahn Design decided to it’s about time they paid some kind of homage to the Land Rover Defender, a car they’ve had a lot of fun with over the years. They call this latest model “The End Edition” and it boasts pretty much all the bells and whistle they offer for the iconic […]

Gallery: Twisted Defender in the Scottish Highlands

Twisted Defender Highlands-0

There is no question that GF Williams produces some of the best automotive photography in the world. We have featured some of his exquisite works here on MW before. But this time he has outdone himself with this Twisted Defender shoot in the Scottish Highlands. Trust me, you do not want to miss this.

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Afzal Kahn Designing the Ultimate Defender

Kahn Ultimate Defender

Looks like after years of working on Land Rover Defenders, Afzal Kahn of Kahn Design is finally been recognized for his expertise in modifying and customizing these cars. London Motor Show has asked him to come up with an Ultimate Defender as a tribute to the legendary SUV.

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