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Kevin Spacey Visits Renault Design Center

Kevin Spacey Visits Renault-0

The star of American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and House of Cards, the irreplaceable Kevin Spacey has been to France earlier this month where he popped by Renault Design Center for a short visit. If you’re wondering why would he do such a thing, that is because Kevin in a Renault ambassador and seems genuinely interested in […]

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Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept

2027 Vision Concept-3

Car makers with a Formula One team are always trying to come up with new ideas for the sport and become a pioneer in it. So here’s Renault’s idea of a future Formula One car, presented in from Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept which, as the name suggests, is what they think F1 cars should look […]

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Production Alpine A110 Revealed with 250 hp

Alpine A110-off-0

It took ages for Renault to get on the right track with regards to the revival of the Alpine brand and their lovely A110 sports car. But now, at the 2017 Geneva Motor, Show, they are all set to show us the finished product, the ready-to-roll Alpine A110 with a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. 

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New Renault Captur Set for Geneva Debut

New Renault Captur-1

The fast pace with which the automotive industry and market are storming forward means that you don’t really have much time to get used to a particular make and model before it gets replaced with a new one that offers ‘more’ of the same. That is the case with Renault Captur. It seems like only yesterday […]

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Renault Twingo GT Priced from £13,755

Renault Twingo GT Price-1

Those of you with a fair number of grey hairs on your head will remember, vaguely, that back in the day small, fast Renaults used to be among the most fun cars money could buy. Well, there is a new one now called Renault Twingo GT and while it is yet to be tested in […]

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Renault Trezor Concept Takes Paris by Storm

Renault Trezor-0

Renault turned up at their home motor show in Paris with a jaw-dropping new sports concept called the Trezor. This fabulous thing has electric power, and plenty of it, and looks absolutely amazing. But before you get too excited let us tell you that it is not happening. There’s no production plan for Renault Trezor.

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Renault Megane RS 275 Cup-S – UK Pricing and Specs

Renault Megane RS 275 Cup-S-1

The final edition of the Renault Megane RS, the third-generation of a hot hatch that has been around since 2003 and of which more than 30,000 units have been produced, goes on sale in the United Kingdom priced at £31,930. The final version, dubbed Renault Megane RS 275 Cup-S, has unsurprisingly the best specs yet.

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New-Face Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet Rendered

Megane Coupe-Cabriolet Render-1

Usually when it comes to renderings you guys prefer the artists to give you an early look at something rad like the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. But this time we have something more down to earth, something a lot of people might be looking forward to buying. Feast your eyes on the next Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet.

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Official: Renault Megane Grand Coupe

Renault Megane Grand Coupe-0

Renault is finally joining the grand coupe game with a new variant of the Megane featuring unique styling and exclusive features. The all-new Renault Megane Grand Coupe extends the range of this C-segment contender which also includes coupe, hatchback, coupe cabriolet, sedan and estate variants, as well as RS, N24, Trophy and GT editions.

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Production Renault Alaskan Pikcup Unveiled

Production Renault Alaskan-0

Nearly a year after it was introduced as a concept designed to gauge the public’s response, Renault Alaskan has now been unveiled in full production trim. This rather unique looking truck is Renault’s first one tonne pickup.

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Official: 2017 Renault Clio Facelift

2017 Renault Clio-0

Renault is on a bit of roll these days, putting out hot new cars one after another without catching a breather. So a few days after giving us the hot little Twingo GT they have now come up with a new and more exciting version of the Renault Clio with cool new looks and some […]

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Official: Renault Twingo GT

Renault Twingo GT-0

The first official details and pictures of the wonderful new hot hatch Renault Twingo GT have now been released ahead of the car’s dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and market launch next winter. This little mosquito has a recipe unlike any other car you’ve ever come across.

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Official: Renault Clio RS 16

Renault Clio RS 16-0

So what we introduced you a few days ago as the new Clio KZ 01 has now been officially revealed as the new Renault Clio RS 16. This hard-core version of the little hatchback is one of maddest cars to be launched later this year, boasting a massive-for-its-size 275 horsepower and 36 Nm of torque.

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First Look: Renault Clio RS KZ 01

Renault Clio RS KZ-3

RenaultSport is evidently plotting something so hot, they could not contain it under wraps. The leaked photos from inside the most secret hallways of the division reveal what is believed to be called Renault Clio RS KZ 01, an extra hot version of the tiny hatchback packing a massive punch.

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First Look: Renault Koleos Facelift

Renault Koleos Facelift

You may not have heard of Renault Koleos, but this car is a serious contender in the D-segment SUV categeory, especially in the “global” market… which means no one can blame you for not having heard of it. But now there is a new version with bolder looks, and it wants to be recognized.

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