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Hyundai i30 N Fastback Render Looks Intriguing

Hyundai i30 N Fastback

While the hatchback Hyundai i30 N has captivated fans the world over with its cool blend of performance, practicality and value, its sister the Fastback is not getting as much attention as it deserve. Maybe they shouldn’t have unveiled them simultaneously. In any case, there is a solution to that and that is what you […]

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Ferrari P3 Hypercar Rendered as Valkyrie Rival


We are currently living the age of hybrid hypercars and it’s been fairly exciting, what with the rivalry between the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. But already it seems the tide is shifting towards crazier, more technologically sophisticated machines such as Mercedes AMG Project One and Aston Martin Valkyrie. So an independent designer decided […]

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Modern-Day Peugeot 205 GTI Imagined by Designer


Don’t read too much into this, but the head of Peugeot design has recently penned a modern-day Peugeot 205 GTI. He maintains this was a fun project he did for himself to blow off some steam with, but we won’t be surprised at all if a few years from now they actually bring back the icon. 

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Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron by RDBLA


It takes a lot of courage to even think about modifying a car like Bugatti Veyron, not just because of what it costs but also because you could well end up ruining it. So we say kudos to the owner of this Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron for having the balls to try something so bold and […]

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McLaren 720S Rendered in Spider and GT3 Guises


It has been only a day since the new McLaren 720S was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, but already people are speculating about other variants it will inevitably spawn. That’s sort of McLaren’s own fault since they added fuel to the fire with the Velocity MSO. But here we offer you an early look at […]

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Mercedes-AMG Hypercar – New Renderings Emerge

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar render-0

Mercedes-Benz has so far given us nothing but to faint sketches of their upcoming AMG F1-inspired hypercar. But as it turns out that’s all some designers need. They can use confabulation to guess the rest. One designer who’s engaged in this activity is Peisert Design and the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar he has penned looks pretty amazing.

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Ford Mustang GT Convertible Previewed in Unofficial Rendering

Ford Mustang GT Convertible render

So yesterday we brought you the first pictures of the new 2018 Ford Mustang facelift. Now Ford has released more official images along with some technical details on the new model, but let’s continue our exploration of the new ‘Stang with an early look at what the convertible version will look like when it arrives […]

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2018 Mercedes E-Class Carbio Rendering Looks Sweet

Mercedes E-Class Carbio Rendering

The debut of the new Mercedes E-Coupe has stimulated the imagination of X-Tomi Design big time. Every day he comes up with a rendering of a new variant of this car, some of pretty damn good. The Mercedes E-Class Carbio he has penned this time is one of the good ones.

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Mercedes-AMG E63 Coupe Emerges in Rendering Form

Mercedes-AMG E63 Coupe render

It is common practice nowadays for independent designers to put out renderings of various different variants of the new models released by big time car makers. And so a short time after the unveiling of the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe we get a nice little CGI of its high-performance model, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Coupe.

Menacing Porsche 991 Wide Body Envisioned by Sibal


We love the world of virtual tuning because in here anything’s possible. Like, this time Jon Sibal has rendered a Porsche 991 wide body which looks like a road-going RSR race car, which as you know is the sickest-looking variant of the 911. Oh, if only this thing could become a reality…

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Bugatti Chiron SuperSport Speculatively Rendered

Bugatti Chiron SuperSport Render

It is not yet clear whether Volkswagen will green light the production of more variants of the Bugatti Chiron. But if they do, we will first get the drop-top Grand Sport, and then this, the Bugatti Chiron SuperSport. This rendering shows what the range-topping Chiron might look like.

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Wildly Dreaming Sibal: Slammed Wide Body Countach!


A lot of crazy stuff happens in the auto world every day, but there are those things that not even the most off-the-hook crazy people dare trying in the real world. That is why we have the realm of renderings where designers can give virtual life to their wild ideas… ideas such as a slammed […]

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Rendering: Tesla Model S Convertible

Tesla Model S Convertible

Sometimes independent designers come up with something that astounds even the manufacturer whose car they have digitally manipulated. We are fairly certain that is the case with this Tesla Model S Convertible. Elon Musk is probably devising a plan now to turn this idea into reality.

Published on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 8:28 by
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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Rendered as a Pickup Truck!

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Pickup Truck

Following the debut of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV, and given the fact that it arrived only a short while after the Giulia sedan, people are now speculating what would be Alfa’s next new model. Designer Theophilus Chin believes, or at least hopes, that it will be a pickup truck. And he has penned […]

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New Mazda CX-5 Rendered in MPS Guise

Mazda CX-5 MPS

Mazda is not big on giving their SUVs and crossovers any special treatments, least of all performance upgrades. But the new Mazda CX-5, unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show not that long ago, looks sporty enough and cool enough to deserve at least entertaining this idea.

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