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2018 Volkswagen Atlas MSRP Announced


The new full-blooded SUV from Volkswagen is being readied to hit the American showrooms in May, and on this occasion the car maker announced its pricing details. The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas seven-seat SUV comes in five trim levels in U.S. spec starting from $30,500 for the base model and going up to $48,490 for the range-topping […]

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Volkswagen Atlas Weekend Bows at Chicago Auto Show

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Weekend-0

Volkswagen’s 2017 Chicago Auto Show lineup includes a new Weekend edition of the Atlas crossover, and now it is not named after the pop singer. The Volkswagen Atlas Weekend, according to the manufacturer, is an homage to the brand’s go-anywhere spirit which is another way of saying they are still very much hipsterish.

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VW Polo Match Is All About Value

VW Polo Match-1

As one of Volkswagen’s best-selling models, the little Polo is always a good candidate for special treatments – be it a high-end package designed to make the hatchback fancier, or a low-end one built for value. The new VW Polo Match for the UK market belongs to the latter category.

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VW Tiguan Allspace Teased for NAIAS 2017

VW Tiguan Allspace-1

Volkswagen has just revealed the star of their lineup for the 2017 Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS) and it’s an elongated version of the Tiguan crossover. It’s called the VW Tiguan Allspace and it can accommodate up to seven people inside thanks to an stretched wheelbase.

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Golf GTI, GTD and R Get Oettinger Styling Kit

Oettinger Golf Kit-0

The high-performance variants of the Volkswagen Golf are among the most popular hot hatches in the market and so naturally they get a lot of attention from tuners. This time though, tuner Oettinger has actually worked with VW themselves to make a styling package for the Golf GTI, GTD and R.

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VW Arteon Teased for2017 Geneva Debut

VW Arteon Teaser

Looks like Volkswagen is finally going to launch a decent looking sedan. Well, at least that’s what we can hope seeing this sketch they have released, announcing the debut of the car, called VW Arteon, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show next March.

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Volkswagen Passat GT Set for L.A. Auto Show Debut

Volkswagen Passat GT-Concept-0

Making fast and discreet sports sedans is something VW has always been fairly good at. Now at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show the company’s North American branch is trying their hand at making such a thing with the Volkswagen Passat GT which will make its show debut in concept form.

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Official: Volkswagen Atlas SUV

Volkswagen Atlas-0

Volkswagen picked a rather unusual time and place to introduce a fairly important new product they have come up with for the America market. The product in question is the Volkswagen Atlas 7-seat family SUV, and they took to Santa Monica Pier at the end of historic Route 66 to unveil it.

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ABT VW Tiguan Is One Mean Machine

ABT VW Tiguan-0

ABT Sportsline is one of the few tuners who have a unique style of their own in that you can always tell a car is ABT looking at its visual features. Too bad they only work on VW Group vehicles. Anyway, here’s their latest product, the ABT VW Tiguan, and while it looks completely badass […]

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Volkswagen I.D. Concept Unveiled in Paris

Volkswagen ID-0

Volkswagen have been giving us hybrid and electric concepts for years, but so far they haven’t been able to turn any of those concepts into something with production value. They say things are about to change, though, with this, the Volkswagen I.D. Concept which will be launched as a compact electric car in 2020 parallel […]

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World’s Fastest Beetle Clocks 205 mph at Bonneville

Beetle LSR Salt Flats-0

In one of the coolest and yet most pointless publicity stunts Volkswagen has ever conducted, the American branch of the company tuned a VW Beetle and sent it to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for a speed record. The number this Beetle LSR managed to score was 205.122 mph over a flying mile.

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2017 VW Golf Alltrack – U.S. Pricing

2017 VW Golf Alltrack-1

If you always wanted a car that sort of looks like a SUV but isn’t one because it is more of a jacked-up station wagon, well, good news! The 2017 VW Golf Alltrack will hit U.S. showrooms in October, priced between $26,950 and $32,890. The extremely family-oriented car comes with a host of top-notch features […]

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B&B VW T6 Van with 400 Horsepower

B-B VW T6-0

If you are a delivery van who is always late to work, do not blame yourself. You are driving a van, and those things are awfully slow. What you need is a tuned van with a good turn of speed so you can fly between places in no time. What you need is this B&B […]

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Official: 2017 VW Beetle Facelift

2017 VW Beetle-UK-1

Volkswagen has launched a new version of the iconic Beetle in the UK featuring new styling details and upgraded specs. Don’t expect a whole new car though, as 2017 VW Beetle comes only with a revised bumper and some new fog lamps.

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New Ford Focus RS Takes on Golf R in a Drag Battle

Ford Focus RS-Golf-R

There is a lot of hoopla surrounding the recently launched Ford Focus RS and everybody is talking about how powerful it is and how fun it is and how drifty it is. And it definitely is all of that. But it cannot officially be called the new king of hot hatchbacks until it conquers the […]

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