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ADV1 Wheels Look Swell on Bentley Bentayga


The new British SUV Bentley Bentayga has not been around for very long, but already it has received much love from the tuners the world over. It’s also received many wheel treatments, although there are only a few that really matter on account the wheels’ brand. We’ve already showed you the Bentayga on Forgiatos. Now […]

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Liberty Walk BMW M4 on ADV1 Wheels

Liberty Walk BMW M4 ADV1-0

One of LB-Works products we don’t hear every often about is Liberty Walk BMW M4. That’s a shame, because as far as wide body M4s go, this is a good one. This car’s obscurity is mainly due to the popularity of other LB kits, namely their Lamborghini Huracan package.

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RACE! Ferrari 488 on ADV1 Wheels

RACE Ferrari 488-0

RACE! South Africa has established itself as the absolute authority in exotic car tuning in the whole continent and they have plenty to say in the world tuning scene as well. They have a close partnership with some of the world’s top suppliers of tuning parts and this RACE! Ferrari 488 GTB is one of […]

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Lexus LX570 on 26” ADV1 Wheels

Lexus LX570 ADV1-0

As is always the case with Lexus LX, this tricked-out version too comes to you from Asia. They love this big and push SUV down there, especially in the Middle East where this particular Lexus LX570 were given the special treatment you see here. This car is probably the only LX in the world right […]

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Lamborghini Aventador Renato on ADV1 Wheels

Lamborghini Aventador Renato-0

What we have here is a car that in the parlance of today’s urban youth is called “sweet-ass.” And that it is, what with a nice and clean paint work, a bespoke carbon fiber aero kit, and above all, a set of “sick” ADV1 wheels. This is Lamborghini Aventador Renato by 1016 Industries.

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ADV1 Pagani Huayra Returns in New Photos

ADV1 Pagani Huayra-0

Earlier this month the guys from ADV1 Wheels dropped a bomb on the auto world by revealing the first Pagani Huayra fitted with a set of their high-end rims. It was a damn good sight, that car, which is why we thought you may want to see more of it.

Published on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 7:36 by
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TAG Motorsports Mercedes SLS Roadster

TAG Motorsports-SLS-Roadster-0

Mercedes does not seem very keen on the idea of a roadster AMG GT, so if you want a drop-top super GT with a three-pointed star on its nose, your best bet still is the mighty Mercedes SLS Roadster. But if the standard car doesn’t grab you like you would like, we have a tricked […]

Auto Talent Lamborghini Aventador on ADV1 Wheels


So yesterday we showed you an $800K Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and it was brilliant. But you’d be a fool to buy that car. What you should get is a good second-hand Aventa, and then have it customized and tricked out. The end result would be something like this amazing Auto Talent Lamborghini Aventador we […]

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It Finally Happened: ADV1 Wheels for Pagani Huayra

ADV1 Wheels Pagani Huayra-0

ADV1 Wheels was one of the first manufacturers to come up with a bespoke set of wheels specially tailored for the Bugatti Veyron. Since then, it sort of became their mission to hook up every hyper car in the world with a version of their wheels, and the latest they’ve done is a Pagani Huayra.

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ADV1 Wheels Look Good on 2016 Audi R8

2016 Audi R8 ADV1-0

The new 2016 Audi R8 is still too fresh to become the subject of many tuning programs. But judging by what we see here, this German has great potential for customization. The tricked-out R8 is the first in the world to get a set of ADV1 wheels.

Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 11:08 by
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Mercedes AMG GT Looks Superb on ADV1 Rims


Okay, this is hands down the coolest, sexiest, most charming Mercedes AMG GT we’ve ever seen! It’s interesting because the car is pretty much stock, save a set of high-class ADV1 Wheels and slight suspension re-adjustment. A large of the charm is due to the fantastic paint job.

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Slammed: Mercedes S63 AMG on ADV1 Wheels

Mercedes S63 AMG-slammed-0

A black Mercedes S63 AMG is one of the most serious looking cars you can buy, which is probably why it responds well to visual modifications. It’s the contrast that makes the whole more interesting – the contrast between those serious looks and the fun nature of mods like slamming and bagging.

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ByDesign Mercedes SLS Looks Super Clean on ADV1 Rims

ByDesign Mercedes SLS-0

Arab tuner ByDesign has done a fair few Mercedes SLS in their time, but this one right here is most likely the classiest of them all. That is because with this car they have steered clear of any buffed-up body kit and just gave the car a cool set of wheels and some suspension adjustment.

Published on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 10:58 by
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Gallery: Ford Gulf F-150 by GAS

Gulf F-150-0

Those of you who visited last year’s SEMA show will certainly remember seeing this custom Ford F-150 with its cool Gulf livery hanging around the place. The Gulf F-150 by Galpin Auto Sports probably didn’t get the press it deserved, so here’s another up close look at it.

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Gallery: Custom Aventador on ADV1 Wheels

Custom Aventador ADV1-0

Over the years we have seen the Lamborghini Aventador in many different guises and colors, sporting wheels and body kits from many different tuners from all over the world. But the car does not seem willing to stop wowing us with its unique looks and peculiar ability to pull off custom visual treatments.

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