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Maybach 57S Edition 125 Spotted for Sale

Maybach 57S Edition 125-0

One of the latest additions to Alain Class Motors’ extensive collection of rare exotic automobiles is one of the last and finest versions of the previous-generation Maybach. The 2013  is one-off built to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand. And it can now be yours.

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Black Knight: Brabus Mercedes S63 850

Brabus Mercedes S63 850-Alain-0

The latest Brabus car we would like you to see does not comes to us all the way from UAE and the motoring Eden that is the Alain Class Motors showroom. This black on black Brabus Mercedes S63 850 is by far and away the most aggressive version of this car we have yet seen.

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Gallery: Bentley Bentayga Looks Dapper in Gold

Bentley Bentayga Gold-0

We have brought to you the Bentley Bentayga in a number of truly interesting colors, including matte black with the one and only Stealth Edition. We even showed you how it looks wearing some aftermarket rims. But now we reckon we have found the nicest Bentayga in the world, and it’s residing at Alain Class […]

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Eye Candy: Royal Blue Brabus SLR Roadster

Royal Blue McLaren Mercedes SLR Roadster-0

If that Ivory White SLR Roadster we showed you yesterday wasn’t unique enough for you, or maybe you just didn’t dig the color, take a look at this one. This Royal Blue Brabus SLR Roadster is currently on sale at Alain Class Motors, and it is quite possibly the coolest looking McLaren Mercedes SLR in […]

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Gallery: Gorgeous Ferrari F12tdf at Alain Class

Ferrari F12tdf Alain Class-0

Alain Class Motors in Dubai is one of the handful of places in the world where you can buy special and limited edition versions of any exotic cars. It doesn’t matter if they are sold out or whatever, these guys always have a few of them in stock. For instance, if you fancy a blood […]

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Unique McLaren 675LT MSO at Alain Class

McLaren 675LT MSO-Alain-0

The boys at Alain Class Motors prove once again when it comes to the most exclusive, most expensive super car, they are still very much the absolute authority. The latest addition to their magnificent collection of exotica is a uniquely-specced 2016 McLaren 675LT MSO — one of only 500.

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Eye Candy: Violet Aston Martin DBS

Violet Aston Martin DBS-0

This is interesting. Who would order a Violet Aston Martin DBS, and to whom it might appeal? We reckon this car was built solely for the purpose of fooling the spouses of rich men. This thing has got to be the best “sorry I cheated on you” apology gift ever!

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Gallery: Orange Carbon Pagani Huayra

Orange Carbon Pagani Huayra-0

Alain Class Motors of United Arab Emirates has long established itself as the absolute authority in hyper car sales in the whole world. So naturally if you are looking for the most exquisite versions of the most exquisite hyper cars, that’s where you need to go. One of the latest additions to Alain Class collection […]

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Eye Candy: Bare Carbon Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX-Alain-0

When you put your heart and soul in designing a car, it just won’t age. The Koenigsegg CCX is ten years old now, but looking at you would think it has just been launched. That’s how timeless the design of this car is. That is doubly true in the case of this bare carbon version, […]

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Gallery: DizaynVIP Mercedes V-Class Diamond

DizaynVIP Mercedes V-Class-0

You know Alain Class Motors as the ultimate showroom for super and hyper cars. But these guys also have a great love for luxury automobiles, regardless of make or body style. That is why they have now on sale one of the world’s most luxurious custom vans, the DizaynVIP Mercedes V-Class Diamond.

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Mercedes G500 4×4² Arrives at Alain Class

Mercedes G500 4x4²-Alain-0

It took a while, but it seems the boys at Alain Class Motors have finally taken delivery of their first Mercedes G500 4×4². This crazy version of the G-Class also comes in one of AMG’s crazy colors called Solar Beam yellow.

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Blast from the Past: McLaren Mercedes SLR 722

McLaren Mercedes SLR 722-0

This blast from the past is another gem from the treasure trove of exotic cars that is the Alain Class Motors collection. It’s a 2007 McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 Edition, a limited version of an already rare super car built to celebrate a very significant occasion.

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W Motors Fenyr SuperSport – Live Photos

Fenyr SuperSport-Alain-0

We saw it at the Dubai Motor Show. We saw it on the back of a flatbed. Now it’s time to see the new W Motors Fenyr SuperSport in all its glory in a handful of live, showroom photos. And as for which showroom we’re talking about… well, where else could it be than Alain […]

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1979 Lamborghini Countach Shines at Alain Class

1979 Lamborghini Countach-0

They don’t call Alain Class Motors the world’s best showroom for nothing. These guys are not just about the latest super cars. They also have a passion for classic cars, as shown with the new addition to their magnificent collection, a 1979 Lamborghini Countach.

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W Motors Fenyr SuperSport Spotted in Dubai

Fenyr SuperSport Spot-1

Even though Dubai is the natural habitat of the Middle East’s one true hyper car, W Motors Fenyr SuperSport, it is still quite exciting to see one of these cars out in the wild. The Fenyr was only revealed last month at the Dubai Motor Show.

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