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BMW M3 E92 Wrapped in Matte Black and Velvet

BMW M3 velvet-0

The guys from Metro Wrapz are known for their works on some pretty high-end cars, including this rather famous Bugatti Veyron. But even by their own high standards, this BMW M3 is a pretty unique job. It is wrapped in matte black and… wait for it… velvet!

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Velos Designwerks Creates The Ultimate BMW M3 E92


The guys from Velos Designwerk show their great taste in tuning once again by unveiling this BWM M3 E92. They refer to this upgrade program as the renaissance of the M3. It is indeed one of the finest looking E92s we’ve ever seen, but its beauty is more than just skin deep.

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Video: Steve Sutcliffe Speculates On The Next BMW M3


Autocar’s top man Steve Sutcliffe takes the current and all the previous generations of BMW M3 – except the E36 of course – to the Brands Hatch circuit for a long drive. He is speculating on the 2014 BMW M3, and wants to know what makes a good M3. Should the next one be as […]

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Matt Farah On Track With Turner Motorsport’s BMW M3s


For the last show in this season of TUNED show, Matt Farah has something special to offer. He goes to visit Turner Motorsport facilities and hit the track with them, where he gets to drive not just a heavily-tuned BMW M3 street car, but also one of the actual racing cars they use in Continental […]

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Onyx Concept BMW M3


Even though Onyx Concept is a bit late to the game, mainly because they’ve always been busy tuning Rang Rovers, but their upgrade package for the BMW M3 E92 is one of the finest we’ve seen do far. It is a bit overdone to be honest, but in a cool way. Those massive front and […]

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BMW M3 Tiger Edition Pictures


A while ago BMW silently released a new special edition of the M3 E92 exclusive for the Chinese market called the Tiger Edition. Now there’s a few official pictures of the car out which confirms some of its details, such as the orange body color similar to the one on the M3 GTS, blacked-out M […]

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2011 BMW M3 Gets Performance Package


The magnificent BMW M3 E92 has just got better as the company announced a new Performance Competition Package and new retrofit options for it. With the new package which is available for both coupe and convertible models, the car gets new wheels, tweaked suspension, Dual-clutch gearbox, new wheels and new carbon fiber body parts. The […]

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RDSport BMW M3 RS46 with 524 hp


American tuner RDSport has come up with a really nice package for the magnificent BMW Me E92. Starting from the looks, the tuner has stayed away from ostentatious kits, and just gives you new carbon fiber bumpers, roof and bootlid spoilers, flared wheelarches and some huge wheels! These small changes make the M3 much cooler. […]

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BMW M3 “Living in the Lights” Video

Before the introduction of the E92 series, BMW M3 was mostly considered as a car for geeks! And it was kinda true honestly, because most of the M3 drivers we used to see in streets were like nerds, kinda guys who care too much about technicalities! And that made the M3 an uncool car. But […]

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JMS bodykit for BMW M3 E92


The bodykit experts at JMS has come up with a new styling kit for the already handsome BMW M3 E92, giving it a meaner, more sporty look. Apart from the kit which consists of a new front apron, JMS has also dropped the car by 55mm front and 45mm rear using KW suspension kit and […]

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Vorsteiner GTS3 – Aerodynamic kit for BMW M3 E92

vorsteiner bmw m3 01 175x175 at Vorsteiner GTS3   Aerodynamic kit for BMW M3 E92

When something’s good, you don’t mess with its recipe, you just tweak it! BMW M3 E92 is definitely one of the sexiest coupes in the market today featuring a massively cool design, a growling V8 engine and high-end engineering you expect from BMW. Vorsteiner, knowing this fact, has come up with an aerodynamic package for […]

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Tuning: IND BMW E93 Silverstone II

IND Silverstone II BMW E93 1 175x175 at Tuning: IND BMW E93 Silverstone II

IND Silverstone II BMW M3 E93 convertible is one of those discrete and classy tuning jobs. You can barely even notice the differences between this and the standard M3, and that’s cool! But if you look closer you notice that IND BMW has a new front lip, a new diffuser, BBS wheels, and when you […]

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Tuning: OSS Design BMW M3 E92

bmw m3 oss design 2 175x175 at Tuning: OSS Design BMW M3 E92

BMW M3 used to be a car for geeks, those who care about the ferocity if their gear changes! so it was not cool at all. Until the E92 appeared. It came with a big V8 engine rather than that lovely compact 6, and its looks too was 110 percent different. The new model really […]

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Darth Maul – Coolest BMW M3 yet!

bmw m3 darth maul 2 175x175 at Darth Maul   Coolest BMW M3 yet!

Here’s another proof that unknown tuners with simple ideas and less messing around can be much better than all those big names in business who like to ruin every part of the car for no obvious reason! This is the MW M3 Darth Maul by Canadian tuner MWDesign and apart from the stupid name, it’s […]

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