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BMW Connected+ Digital Services Detailed

bmw conected

While some people argue that the use of smartphones and everything they offer should be limited in cars due to safety reasons, there are those like BMW who believe there is a comprise to be made here with proper integration of the device into the vehicle. So they came up with the BMW Connected+ system which […]

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BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo M Performance

6 series GT M Performance

The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo does not possess the kind of sexy looks one would want to flaunt by garnishing it with extras. Nevertheless, BMW has gone ahead and launched a series of M Performance parts which, in our honest opinion, makes the 6er GT look even weirder. 

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2018 BMW X2 Revealed in Leaked Patent Images

2018 bmw x2-leaked

So not long after the debut of the 2018 X3 BMW is gearing up to launch yet another SUV. Well, the new 2018 BMW X2 is more of a compact crossover given its size and proportions, but that still begs the question why do we need so many of these things? And is the difference […]

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BMW X5M and X6M Black Fire Edition

black fire x5 x6 m-0

BMW is pumping a little extra juice in its already bonkers super SUVs with a new blacked-out edition. The 2018 BMW X5M and X6M Black Fire gets a range of new cosmetic and interior upgrades that make them meaner and cooler and as a result sexier. 

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Official: 2018 BMW X3

2018 bmw x3

So here it is, following a massive leak we now get our first complete look at the new 2018 BMW X3. The American-built German SUV, which an important milestone for BMW operations in the U.S. at the Spartanburg plant, comes with a heavily refreshed exterior and interior as well, for the first time, an M Performance […]

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2018 BMW X3 Revealed in Leaked Footage

2018 BMW X3-leak-0

The new 2018 BMW X3 SUV gets an early reveal before its official debut thanks to some leaked material. The available footage is enough for anybody to decided whether they like or hate the new X3, although there are some mechanical highlights that might make you overlook the design issues. 

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Official: 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

bmw 6 series gran turismo m sport

We are not entirely sure even BMW themselves thought the world needed a practical version of the 6 Series, which is a big, sexy coupe, but that’s what they have come up with now. By replacing the old 5 Series GT the all-new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo does not fill any gap in the market, nor […]

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BMW M8 Officially Confirmed

bmw m8 prototype

We knew when BMW unveiled the new 8 Series concept that it was more than a show car, but we had no idea they have a full career already planned out for this thing. So here’s the deal: after a production 8 Series came out in 2018 they will release a hot version, naturally called BMW […]

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BMW 8 Series Concept Previews 2018 Production Model


So after years of rumors and speculations we now know for sure BMW is resurrecting the 8 Series, and that it will look something like this. The BMW 8 Series Concept, built as a showpiece for this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, previews that production model and gives us a pretty good idea about its size and […]

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Official: BMW M4 GT4 Race Car


Over the past few months BMW Motorsport engineers have been silently developing a cool new toy, and now at the Nurburgring 24h race they get to show off the fruit of their efforts. It’s called the BMW M4 GT4 and it’s a customer racing car that can be obtained for 169,000 Euros (plus VAT).

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Eve.Ryn BMW i8 Dark Knight

bmw i8 dark knight

As usual, if you are in search of the craziest, most zesty body kits you have to search for your object of desire in the catalogs of Japanese tuners. The car we’re featuring this time is the BMW i8 which a tuner called Garage Eve.Ryn has tuned into a weird and wonderful thing they call Energy […]

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Preview: 2018 BMW M5 xDrive (AWD)

2018 bmw m5 xdrive

It is almost time for BMW to release the hot version of the new 5 Series and so they decided to whet our appetite by released a teaser trailer confirming the super sedan’s all-wheel-drive option. That’s right, the 2018 BMW M5 xDrive breaks the tradition of these cars being only rear-drive, but that is not such […]

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Official: BMW M240i M Performance Edition

BMW M240i M Performance Edition

As you may know BMW revealed a few days ago a refreshed 2 Series for next modelyear with some decent upgrades. But they still have a bunch of the existing model they need to shift, and what better way to do that than the tried and tested ‘Limited Edition’ trick. This time the trick has spawned […]

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BMW M2 M Performance Kit – Detailed Look

BMW M2 M Performance

BMW M2 continues to rule its small niche market because there really isn’t any other small, sports coupe that offer this bad boy’s awesome blend of power, handling, and cool looks. But if you are starting to feel a little bored with yours, there are ways to improve the vehicle, and you don’t even have […]

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Official: 2018 BMW 1 Series

2018 bmw 1 series

A refreshed version of the BMW 1 Series has been prepared for launch in July 2017, and although you may find it hard to notice the differences, BMW promises the new model is thoroughly improved in every way. The 2018 BMW 1 Series comes in 3-door and 5-door form and a number of editions such as Sport […]

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