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Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

ASI Ferrari F430 1 175x175 at Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

Ferrari F430 is spending its last days, they have even planned a retirement party for it. Soon it’ll be replaced by a totally new model called F450 but 430 is still one helluva car! That’s why Japanese Tuner ASI has come up with a nice and discrete bodykit and some performance upgrades for it.

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Range Rover Sport NightHawk by CDC International


Range Rover recently released the new redesigned 2010 fleet and that means the current range is now considered as outdated. But it didn’t stop guys from CDC International tuning center from trying to ruin its reputation with the worst bodykit ever installed on a Range Sport! And they call it Night Hawk! really really uncool […]

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Karvajal Designs Chevrolet Corvette ZX-1


Karvajal Designs?! Have you ever heard of them? Well, neither have we but anyway, what they’ve done to the Corvette looks pretty sick and that is what matters! It is not fair if you call it just a bodykit, it’s more than that. In fact as they say it’s a Coachbuilt Corvette, like those custom […]

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2010 Mercedes E-class Coupe by Brabus


No AMG treatment for the new E-class Coupe?! It just doesn’t matter anymore because the best of Mercedes tuners , Brabus, has just announced its tuning package for the new E-Coupe and there are quit a lot of power in it! This car started life as an E500 with 338 horsepower, but after the Brabus […]

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Darth Maul – Coolest BMW M3 yet!

bmw m3 darth maul 2 175x175 at Darth Maul   Coolest BMW M3 yet!

Here’s another proof that unknown tuners with simple ideas and less messing around can be much better than all those big names in business who like to ruin every part of the car for no obvious reason! This is the MW M3 Darth Maul by Canadian tuner MWDesign and apart from the stupid name, it’s […]

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Hamann tuning package for 2009 BMW 7-Series


A new version of Hamann’s traditional tuning packages just announced for the 2009 BMW 7-series containing a bodykit, new set of wheels and some power upgrade for the diesel model 730d. As for the looks, you get revised bumpers with integrated LED daytime running lights sporty skirts and quad steel tailpiepes plus the roof and […]

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Ferrari F430 Calavera by Unique Sportscars and Novitec Rosso


Ferrari F430 had a very dignified life through the years it’s been around and so it is set to have a dignified retirement too as Ferrari will auction the last one for charity. But ‘all of a sudden’ a company called Unique Sportscar decides to ruin all that reputation and Novitec Rosso, a top Ferrari […]

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Spyshots: Audi RS3 wearing racing suite!

audi rs31 175x175 at Spyshots: Audi RS3 wearing racing suite!

The works on the new very hot Audi RS3 is well underway and hopefully it’ll out in about a year. The cool thing is every time the car is scooped by spy photographers it’s wearing a different disguise! First time it got caught in S3 clothes and now in this racing style bodykit with bonnet […]

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Lumma CLR X650 GT – another X6 ruined!


Every once in a while a tuner comes up with an ostentatious kit for a nice car and gets instant kicking by every single car journal that it’s not right, but they keep coming regardless! Lumma design products are classic points in this case. They are so flash it seems a six year old boy […]

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Novitec Maserati GranTurismo S with 600hp

novitec rosso maserati granturismo s 1 175x175 at Novitec Maserati GranTurismo S with 600hp

Modifying an exotic car is a critical issue, because they already look pretty impressive and they are powerful enough to satisfy anyone’s thirst for speed. So you have to come up with a unique plan and be careful not to mess with it too much or you ruin it. It shouldn’t be a problem for […]

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APP Tuning parts modifies VW Scirocco


From day one that VW Scirocco came to life it was obvious that it’s the tuner’s favourite! I think this one is the tenth modified Scirocco we’ve seen so far. It is a good one though, APP Europe which is a tuning parts distributor has used the best of their parts from different brands in […]

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PPI Audi R8 Razor GTR


This is supposed to be a tuning job for Audi R8, but what PPI has come up with is a proper racing machine! In brief, they have shaved 250 kg of its weight and boosted the 4.2 liter V8 to 580 horsepower and 600 nm of torque. And it’s not just power, they’ve given it […]

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Lingenfelter tuning package for 2010 Camaro

lingenfelter camaro 2010 1 175x175 at Lingenfelter tuning package for 2010 Camaro

Lingenfelter is one of the best names in American tuning business. Throughout the years this Indiana based firm has made some of the most bad-ass Corvettes some of which were the fastest road going cars of their time. They’ve earned a reputation for that. So when they announce their package for the new 2010 Chevy […]

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Geiger Corvette Z06 Biturbo with 890 horsepower!

geiger zo6 10 175x175 at Geiger Corvette Z06 Biturbo with 890 horsepower!

Geiger is a German tuner with a big obsession for American cars.They have done some crazy works before like putting wheels the size of the moon under a Hummer, they are well known for such stuffs. But with their latest creation they’ve just gone berserk! They’ve picked a massively powerful Corvette Z06, and then gave […]

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Carlsson 2010 Mercedes E-Class – Photo Update


We’ve already featured the Carlsson E-class when the first pictures came out. Now there are more at hand and we have to show them to you because just look at it! What a handsome machine! As mentioned earlier, Carlsson’s kit is a true example of a fine, discrete and yet sporty tuning.

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